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Artificial Intelligence: How Much Are You Affected By It?

By Catherine J. Frompovich | Activist Post

Artificial Intelligence: The preprogrammed handover of our natural, unalienable [1] Creator-God-given human sovereignty to technology.

Have you ever wondered what… 1,381 more words


Life May Exist In a Parallel Universe Claims Scientific Study

By Ivan | Ancient Code

Our universe is one heck of a place.

Shrouded in mystery, scientists have tried since time immemorial to understand our place in the vastness of space. 836 more words


Meet A “Targeted Individual” – Woman Shares Her Experience With Directed Energy Weapons & More

By Richard Enos | Collective Evolution

The following article comes from L. Grace Christian (www.GraceMedicalIntuitive.com), a medical intuitive and ‘targeted individual’ I have interviewed and been in regular communication with since the publication of my article, “ 2,910 more words

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World War Z | Rise of the Undead | Zombie Documentary

From Wikipedia

World War Z: An Oral History of the Zombie War is a 2006 apocalyptic horror novel written by American author Max Brooks. The novel is a collection of individual accounts narrated by an agent of the United Nations Postwar Commission, following the devastating global conflict against the zombie plague. 27 more words

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Declassified CIA Documents Suggest The Nazis Successfully Built UFOs

I have no clue if these pictures are real…~TS

By Ivan | Ancient Code

What exactly are UFOs?

We understand the definition as unidentified flying… 1,020 more words

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Moon Mission Canceled - AGAIN...Hmm, Anyone else Notice a Pattern here?

Propaganda spoon fed to people so they can endlessly debate if space is real or fake or if we can get there or if the Moon is a giant paper plate. 199 more words