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prompting a rethink

I read latest news about the ‘reeferendum’.. it seems that the poll numbers are dropping; below 40% support ?
..some details from a press release: 414 more words

addendum : Highlight

I was just thinking about, the best thing that happened at Thieves alley.. besides lots of talk & JS (‘green fairy’) selling heaps of ‘product’/business cards handout.. 29 more words

Go Smudge Yourself

Vibes. Energy. Jui jui. These days you hear these buzz words everywhere. You can’t get a Latte or walk by a yoga class without seeing “Good Vibes Only” blasted on someone’s t-shirt. 1,035 more words

Himalayan Salt Caves

Ear Candling

Had a cold or flu? Urrgh know the feeling all too well. Why does it linger on after for weeks on end with nasal congestion, sinus irritation, niggly coughs, tinnitus and hearing problems? 1,072 more words

Natural Living

Flotation Therapy

Hello Everyone,

This post is very much overdue but I had to share this before we leave January. This year I’m all about new experiences at the beginning of the month I enjoyed one of things I had on my list…. 285 more words

ACC to fund

I saw a brief news item on NZ TV news.. the first case of ACC (Accident Compensation Comm.) accepting a claim, for Medicinal Cannabis costs. … 88 more words

[Guest post] What is reiki? and how can Reiki help your chronic illness?

Reiki means “Universal Life Energy”. It’s a gentle, non-invasive holistic therapy which can be used to heal both physically and emotionally. It’s intelligent energy, so whilst you can set a specific intention for the therapy and what you’ll get from it, it will always work for the highest good. 768 more words

Jessie Ace