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Marma and Immunity

How can I remain healthy and immune in these sensitive times?

Can Marma help me increase my immunity?

In this crucial time of various infections all over, you need to have a great immunity to survive and remain healthy. 67 more words


Men's Health: Is RO DBT Right for You?

Guest writer: Nick Keppler, Men’s Health Magazine

Some guys seem as though they have everything leveled out, yet underneath that fa├žade is a ton of misery.

1,348 more words

RTE; Don't drift back to traditions. Face the questions raised.

The appearance of RTE presenters and managers in flagrant defiance of Covid-19 obligations and all notions of common sense has prompted a familiar round of RTE bashing. 564 more words

BOOK REVIEW ~ Aromatherapy

Aromatherapy: Harness the power of essential oils to relax, restore, and revitalize

by Louise Robinson

Use essential oils with confidence and make aromatherapy an indispensable part of your self-care routine. 332 more words


Alternative Medicine : Is it useful ?

Allopathic has brought about a revolution in the field of medicine. A variety of drugs, acting on various pathways of the body, inhibiting or escalating various enzymatic reactions inside the body; it has been a boon for mankind. 315 more words


Can journalism change or was that just a once-off Trump story

As Joe Biden inched towards 270, the institution that was journalism seemed at last to shift preceptively. Long used to news stories covered impartially, they now called a spade a spade or a lie a lie. 249 more words

Rescue Remedy Rescue Night & Cream (Bach Flower Remedies)

Rescue Remedy is good for many situations, especially after experiencing trauma, arguments and shock. It is made with five Bach Flower Remedies: Impatiens, Star of Bethlehem, Clematis, Cherry Plum, and Rock Rose. 247 more words