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Nihao, Taichung!


For the last work trip of 2017, who would have thought that my Taiwan trip would materialize?

At the last quarter of 2016, my dear friend, Louise, and I planned our trip to Taiwan. 1,418 more words


Rural Yucatan promotes alternative tourism

For strengthening alternative tourism via promotion, dissemination and commercialization of tourist products, the initiative called “Co’ox Mayab” (Let’s go to Mayab) was presented, which involves 10 companies which are committed to this type of tourism in the State.

Source : Travelandtourworld.


Final Proposal (Alternative Tourism)

The research done on each site in the tour allowed the proposal to have a clear theme. Understanding the areas was a key part in the development of the proposal as it helped provide designs that would be fundamental in making the tour more enjoyable. 159 more words

Alternative Tourism

Designing the Tour (Alternative Tourism)

We started thinking of a name for our tour and thought about how most Edinburgh tours just call themselves some form of “Haunted” or “Ghost” tour.   479 more words

Alternative Tourism

Further Secondary Research (Alternative Tourism)

After some research into some of the works of Sir Walter Scott, we came across a short ghost story called “The Tapestried Tower” by Sir Walter Scott set in a dimly lit room of an old castle. 452 more words

Alternative Tourism

Location Visit (Alternative Tourism)

After our initial visit to the park we went back to look into the locations we wanted to look at. They were the Lost Walled Garden, Clermiston Tower and Barnton Quarry Nuclear Bunker. 547 more words

Alternative Tourism

Initial Research (Alternative Tourism)

When looking for the destinations for our alternative tourist experience, we decided to look into finding an alternative ghost tour. Edinburgh is famous for it’s haunted areas, particularly Mary Kings Close which is regularly flooded with tourists. 193 more words

Alternative Tourism