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Koukouvagia: A Hidden Stone Fortress

Amidst the island’s mountainous terrain, lay three stone cottages tightly nestled in the crest of Koukouvagia. The small set of structures resemble a prehistoric settlement, preserved in time and untouched by modernity, as they lie camouflaged in the mountain. 176 more words

Tourism Opportunities in Greece: Seeing Beyond the Crisis

Having spent all my summers on an island in Greece, it is only natural to infer my particular affinity towards this country. The beautiful sandy beaches, rocky island ridges, iconic white villages, all immediately come to mind as breathtaking Grecian landscapes. 417 more words

Rural Tourism in a Globalized World

Globalization is often a prized trademark of the 21st century. An interconnected world, where the obstacles of time and space have been overcome through massive technological breakthroughs, is indeed something to be admired. 327 more words

Airbnb's next Move to Stay Ahead of the Competition Involves Urban Planning

Now this is a surprising move by Airbnb. Meet “Samara”, an innovation lab and design studio aimed at creating hardware and software that supports “exploring new attitudes towards sharing and trust”. 250 more words


What Does It Mean To Be More Than A Tourist?

This summer, Visit.org is inviting travelers from around the world to share moments when they learned from locals, not through volunteering or service work, but through serendipitous interactions. 378 more words


Ride Cafe

A dreamy business for bike lovers is based in Crete – Xania. Ride cafe is a place where you can drink coffee, beer, rent a bike or take infos about local rides and spots to enjoy your favorite sport-hobby! 44 more words


Five Ways To Not Be A Tourist

Traveling to a country with a culture that is unfamiliar to you can be eye-opening, overwhelming, incredible, and sometimes uncomfortable. Your giant backpack, cry for help at the train ticket machine, and map-fumbling don’t exactly help you blend in, either. 443 more words