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Heartbreak Issue #3

– AU –

It was way past when the clock hit 12 midnight. Chanyeol just finished drinking with his friends. He must be out of luck because the moment he looked up at the sky, rain started falling. 1,351 more words

Heartbreak Issue #2


“Is it still even worth-it?” was the only question going on inside my head before that day. I keep on telling myself that it still is, but there are times when we debate our own. 1,503 more words

A Summer of Falling Stars, Chapter 3


“Are the slots open already? Because the last time I checked, which by the way was last last week, they’re still not.”

I checked while scrolling through our school’s online enrolment website… “Nope. 1,353 more words

A Summer of Falling Stars, Chapter 2


That really made my heart beat so fast! Don’t tell me that I still like him. It’s just because of annoyance that it was… 980 more words

A Summer of Falling Stars, Chapter 1

First and foremost, this a FICTION.
This is not real, just a work my head had fabricated.

Chapter 1

I saw him. I saw that guy walking towards me. 822 more words

Review - Gotham by Gaslight

As a fan of the Marvel Noir series that recast Marvel heroes as 1930’s noir and pulp adventurers and heroes, I was very excited to see Batman in a Victorian era tale that pitches him against the 19th century’s most infamous killer, Jack the Ripper. 1,157 more words


Medsoc Musical

One of these days someone was going to drag Arthur bloody Wellesley kicking and screaming into the twenty-first century. Today was clearly not that day. Why he couldn’t just send a group email like any other director was a mystery to Grant.

320 more words
Colquhoun Grant