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Nanowrimo ‘17 - Cup

His smell of his sweat felt like it was decaying in his nose. Geoff had been sat in the same room for over an hour now, quite how far over that hour he had been shaking was unfathomable. 632 more words


Nanowrimo ‘17: Noon

He wished he could ask how old she was. Geoff suspected the Wolf was either originally much older and had been aged backwards or the reverse. 1,137 more words


Nanowrimo ‘17: Barry

Barry rubbed his face, smearing more of the soot away to reveal streaks of black and rusted metal. Upon closer inspection Geoff could also see the green of corroded copper in place of Barry’s left eye, though most of the covering had disappeared beneath the skin and later modifications. 408 more words


Nanowrimo ‘17: Scrapyard

Geoff contemplated what his own upgrade might look like. Never before had he considered becoming robotic, and even now it was purely from a desire to fit in, a survival instinct to conform. 599 more words


Nanowrimo ‘17: Geoff

Geoff was difficult. If this otherworld has a consciousness, Geoff was the complex in a world otherwise content with its sense of slapdash barbarianism. Despite the ways it had torn him up, he could not bring himself to be the same strength as everyone else. 1,003 more words


Week 6 Summary

Tuesday Morning Class (24th October 2017)

GDS230 w/GPG230 class

Adrian and Greg started the class saying they have not figured a reliable way for Bluetooth communication to work, so we need to look at alternatives to fall back on. 1,321 more words

Trimester 3