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One course of love (part 7)

Chapter 7

During class, Leia already regretted letting Richard kiss her. When it’s over, she packs her things quickly and is about to leave with Ana. 776 more words

Fan Fiction

The Library (Fanfic version of Perpustakaan)

Untuk versi Orific (Original Fiction) dari The Library, kalian bisa baca di sini. Di-copas dari Fanfiction.net di sini.

+ In KIS International School Bangkok At 24 June 2012 In Break Time + 1,457 more words

Fiction Story

Kisah Bandung Bandawasa

Karakter-karakter di cerita ini menggunakan karakter cerita legenda atau rakyat, terkecuali Xun Yu, Sun Ce, dan Gan Ji dari Dynasty Warriors.

Disclaimer : Dynasty Warriors milik KOEI… 1,229 more words

Fiction Story

One course of love (part 6)

Chapter 6

Richard’s POV
I get to school earlier than before. I don’t know why. Maybe I was just so excited to see Leia again. I just couldn’t stop thinking about her. 448 more words

Fan Fiction

Star trek trible war part 8

There was once two fleets engaging in a battle,now there a pink like field. Evidence of plasma explosions. Neither ships survived. It would decimate both fleets. 685 more words

Star Trek

A Last Breath

It was a humid night that of August 27, 1937. The London lights were mostly extinguished for it was well past twelve in the morning, the only lights that shone through the dark were the ones originating from the patrols flashlights. 1,203 more words

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One course of love (part 4)

Chapter 4

Richard’s POV

Another evening class was ahead. It took me forever to get ready. I knew I would be late. I should never have taken this job in the first place. 463 more words

Fan Fiction