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A Brief Summary on Flora and Fauna

Flora and Fauna of the regions of Althohs

The flora and fauna of Althohs range drastically by region. Regarding flora in Althohs: Central Alunah is quite hilly, and lacks much plant growth. 665 more words


Brief Summary on Technology

Technological Advancements and Major Discoveries

The technology on Althohs is very similar to the kind of technology you might find in the late medieval period, with the inclusion of a gunpowder type substance called ‘blastpowder’, and a floating mineral mined from beneath a couple of deserts. 359 more words


Brief Summary on Magic

Magical Occurrences and Phenomenon in Althohs

I don’t plan on magic being something inhabitants of Althohs can conjure or practice. Magic will be in reference to events and phenomenon caused by Althohs, such as the changing of landscapes, the creation of living plants and beings, and dynamic weather systems. 154 more words


Brief Summary on Religion

The Church of Althohs and other religion in Althohs

Ia created Althohs and the race of Lovihr from the water on Althohs, and Althohs created the race of Favihr from the rock of the Rosche Mountains. 162 more words


Culture in Althohs

Regarding the armaments of inhabitants of Althohs: The secrets to the shaping and forging of stone and metals were revealed unto Ahvin, and the knowledge to carve the forests granted unto Sive by the planet god Althohs upon creation of the races of the Favihr (man) and the Lovihr (widlins). 645 more words


Current Timeline of Althohs (incomplete)

500 BWG

The race of man is created in the Lowoods of Alunir.

498 BWG

The founding of the Stone City of Alunah in Alunir by Ahvin Gom, at the base of the Rosche. 924 more words


World Map Rough Draft

Above is my rough draft for my world “Althohs” prior to the “Wrenching of the Green” and the fall of Trefys. There is no legend yet, so I’ll give a quick walkthrough of the more important elements. 146 more words