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Agnes Laner | Cheesemaker | Alto Adige, Italy

Kindergarten teacher by day, cheesemaker by night, Agnes Laner handcrafts the sought after alpine graukäse using raw milk from her trio of cows. Framed by towering mountains in Italy’s German-speaking Alto Adige region, her family property sits right on the northeastern border with Austria. 569 more words

Il potere di un titolo e altre ‘considerazioni inattuali’ - Die Macht einer Schlagzeile und andere ,unzeitgemäße Betrachtungen‘

Il quotidiano Alto Adige pubblica oggi (28 aprile 2016) una mia intervista titolandola “Convenzione, quanti errori”. È triste dover constatare come un titolo possa veicolare un messaggio totalmente fuorviante e distorcere il messaggio di una lunga intervista. 766 more words


Terlan pinot grigio: Proof that an open mind is key to enjoying wine

Before I get to the main topic of this post, I want to take a moment to rejoice with four (that I know of so far) friends from my blind tasting group here in Orlando who passed the Certified Sommelier exam in Tampa today! 496 more words


Winery of the Week: Peter Zemmer from Alto Adige

I had the good fortune to meet Peter Zemmer through Tony DiDio a couple of years ago. I never wrote about the great lunch we had at the Gotham Bar and Grill but the wines have stuck in my head and I have tried the newer versions since that time. 261 more words


Italian Indigenous Varieties: Lagrein

Today’s short post is about this week’s varietal, Lagrein. Lagrein hails from Alto Adige/Trentino in Northern Italy. According to research, however, it is genetically linked to vines from Greece and Albania that arrived in Italy during the period known as… 111 more words