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Whats in my purse? [TAG]

I have seen this tag all over the internet, and I love it. I admit that Im a nosy person and love to know what people carry in their bags. 268 more words


The Altoids Boy

The Altoids Boy

By Westley Mata

Altoids mints have been around for years. First made in 1780’s Britain, these “curiously strong” mints have spread to every grocery store and gas station across the United States. 896 more words


Real time

My thanks to a wildly abundant Universe for bringing distant issues back front & center, real time.

Issues that had fuzzed with time came roaring back into clarity, giving me – all of us – the priceless opportunity to respond differently than in the past.   516 more words

Mental Health

The 1980s called - asking for the Z80 Membership Card

The ’80’s and early ’90’s saw a huge proliferation of “personal” computers, spawning an army of hacker kids who would go on to hone their computing chops on 8-bit and 16-bit computers from brands such as Sinclair, Commodore, Acorn, Apple, Atari, Tandy/RadioShack and Texas Instruments. 387 more words

Classic Hacks

A is for Achalasia (Probably)

I am really so frigging tired of having something wrong with me all the time. Sometimes it just seems like all I do is go to doctors and do tests and take medication. 496 more words

Rheumatoid Arthritis

Yes, It's Good to Re-purpose Stuff!

Here’s a posting that doesn’t fit into any of my usual topics, but it’s the kind of thing bloggers write about a lot: re-purposing common stuff. 249 more words

Grab Bag