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on the merry road to ruin

Weeks back I alerted you to the possibility of a new logo. Nothing definite, nothing official, just a wild hair I had.

Well, I gave you fair warning and now it’s a reality. 450 more words


Knitting EDC Kit

Admittedly, I’ve been caught up in the urban survivalist subculture. Maybe it was one episode too many of The Walking Dead. I’ve been looking at lists of Bug Out Bag essential gear and hoping I can remember everything my son learned in Cub Scouts. 460 more words


Day 225 – Bill Has the Best Breath

Day 225 – Bill Has the Best Breath. Or he may have the worst – we may never know. One thing is for sure – no one leaves Bill’s office with bad breath. 18 more words


Minty that Lives in a Tin

I’m getting ready to release a cute sewing pattern. It’s the most basic of sewing so it would be perfect for all ages and for sure can be done by beginners. 50 more words


Colored Pencils Part 2

Here are the rest of my colored pencil sketches. Man, that Altoids can was NOT easy…too much shiny metal.


The Best Medicine

The January posts are starting to wear me out, so I’m gonna hold off on posting more until I feel up to it again. In the meantime, there are other things I’m gonna talk about, like affordable over-the-counter anxiety medication that works pretty well (for me, anyway). 222 more words


I have always liked peppermint. I can’t remember a time in my life when I didn’t enjoy peppermint candy in all it’s forms… candy canes at Christmas, soft peppermint candy from the counter at the drug store, white chocolate peppermint candy has become my current Christmas favorite. 509 more words