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5 lessons learned exploring best giving practices

From Bruce DeBoskey’s “On Philanthropy” column in the Denver Post:

Although philanthropy is a deeply personal and highly individualized endeavor, here are the top five broadly applicable lessons I’ve learned:

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The causes of the Greek economic tragedy—and the cure

New headlines and news stories about Greece’s looming economic collapse appear daily. This weekend, the National Post has a series of articles on the theme “Greece on the brink.” Some point the finger at the country’s political leadership: … 712 more words

Individual Rights

A Mismatch Between Need and Affluence

From the Chronicle of Philanthropy:

Residents of areas with high standards of living, low poverty, and low crime give less to charity than those in less well off areas.

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The Fact and Reality of the New Group of World Servers. - From- The Alice Bailey Teaching - as given By - The Master D.K.

Members of the New Group of World Servers learn mostly through the ear and through that careful attention which comes from an inner attitude of constant listening. 583 more words

And the award for corporate appeasement goes to: Tim Hortons

Last week, I praised Exxon’s CEO for standing up to climate change activists and defending his company’s moral right to produce oil—a source of energy on which our survival and wellbeing depends. 747 more words

Business Ethics

The Reappearance of the Christ. Links to Advanced Teachings.

Today there is an increasing expectancy regarding the return of the “World Teacher”, the Coming One Who will return to lead humanity into a new age and into a heightened consciousness. 297 more words

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