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Why business people should be honest

In my years of teaching ethics to business students, I must have heard it all when it comes to justifying deception and lying in business. The excuses go something like this: “Everybody does it; I would lose business if I didn’t. 735 more words


Why avoiding taxes is moral

The recent leak of the Panama Papers—which consist of confidential banking documents that report names of thousands of offshore corporations and their shareholders—created a media storm around the world. 710 more words

Individual Rights

Appearances Can Be Deceiving (4. Bravery)

Think twice—what you see may not be what you think.

In three previous posts, we explored situations in which a single behavior might have multiple meanings and interpretations. 442 more words

Messages from Maitreya #11

Message No. 11

January 5, 1978

http://www.share-international.org/index.htm                                                                   This Link above  will Take You to a Site Explaining What is Afoot. 352 more words


That Gnawing Fear.

                                                                 By;- Mike J Hughes.                                                        

My growing spirituality has led me into a realm of service most people shy away for reasons that range from fear to ignorance. 561 more words

Does acting morally cost you?

I recently overheard on the radio  someone claim, discussing business ethics : “But of course, acting morally will cost you.” It gave me a pause, despite that being a common view. 596 more words

Business Ethics

Moral choices in business: altruism, cynical exploitation, or rational egoism?

Having recently concluded teaching an MBA business ethics course, I received unusual feedback from a student. He liked the course but told me that all of it should have been spent on covering the moral code of egoism—rational self-interest—because that is the code he liked the best and considered the most applicable to business. 672 more words

Business Ethics