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No Such Thing as Holy War

By;- Mike j Hughes

Hi everybody , – soon I will be 50 years young . I am doing my rituals in  keeping a youthful appearance , staying strong , indifferent, detached , and aligned  with the Real Man ,- or if you like ,- the Inner Titan that resides within all of us . 360 more words

Starting in Focus

My worst score on the archery range was the day I had no target.

My least satisfying year was when I had no goal.

It helps me refresh my outlook from time to time with the five basic modes of positive being. 412 more words


Why business makes Christmas better

Millions of people have just celebrated Christmas, by decorating their homes, setting up Christmas trees and lights, getting together with their families, exchanging gifts with each other, eating special foods and baking, and enjoying activities from watching movies and playing board games to skating and skiing. 501 more words


What I learned from my business ethics students: The appeal of altruism

I taught two business ethics courses this fall: one to undergraduate business students, and the other to an Executive MBA class. It was a lot of fun: the students were keen to learn and discuss. 705 more words

Business Ethics

The ethics and business of human genetic editing

The other day, I turned on the radio to a debate on the ethics on human genetic editing, prompted buy an international scientific summit on the topic recently held in Washington, DC. 670 more words

Individual Rights

Mark Zuckerberg wants to make the world a better place: Productiveness vs. charity?

Facebook CEO and recent parent Mark Zuckerberg has written a letter to his newborn daughter—cum a political manifesto—in which he makes the ‘Billionaires’ Pledge’ to give most of his wealth away to charity. 708 more words

Individual Rights

Nonstop Gratitude

Last week was Thanksgiving in this land. This week should be also. And next week. Every week.

While words (“Thank you” and “I really appreciated that”) and acts (reciprocating when someone does something nice for you) of gratitude are known to provide mood boosts (especially for the person expressing gratitude), they must be repeated for the boosts to last. 150 more words