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Sharing Pastures and the Tragedy of the Commons

Altruism is a thing we do in groups, out of a sense of cooperation. During the holiday seasons many of us feel – and act upon – some tingly sensation that compels us to do something nice, something selfless, something altruistic. 618 more words

Altruistic destruction, or how a Bitcoin dislike button may work

One thing I think Bitcoin, or a similar blockchain-based token system, may be useful for is to replace centralised social networks, or more broadly messaging systems. 414 more words


March 25th Class

We continued our discussion with Professor’s Nythamar class on his current research on Naturalism and Normativity and the intersections of such research with the debates within philosophy of mind, particularly as it relate to Neurosciences and our readings on Jesse Prinz. 219 more words


Should Political Policies Be Based on Conditional Co-Operation and Altruistic Punishment?

Traditionally there has been a big argument in politics over humans primary nature, the right typically argue that we are driven by greed selfishness and individualism while the left argues that we are more co-operative and altruistic. 68 more words


Tech Support Hell

UPDATE:  I put a link to this post in the response portion of their “Dear Valued Linksys Customer, Thank you for contacting Linksys Technical Support. ” e-mail.  919 more words

Enlightened Self-interest

Your Brain on bin Laden: Why Vengeance Is So Sweet

Schadenfreude — joy in another’s suffering or death — is a vicious pleasure. But it’s far less guilt-inducing when the victim is an enemy like Osama bin Laden, who has gotten his just deserts. 795 more words

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Altruistic Punishment

An article has recently come out on the Nature website. It details the results of a pretty interesting experiment. The actual report itself is a tedious read, going through methodology, mathematics, etc. 584 more words