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What is your true joy in life?

This is the true joy in life: The being used for a purpose recognized by yourself as a mighty one. The being a force of nature, instead of a feverish , selfish little clod of ailments and grievances complaining that the world will not devote itself to making you happy. 84 more words


Why Me? 

It’s a question the majority of us ask ourselves frequently. Whether it’s your parents asking you over your brother to wash plates after dinner, getting a flat tyre on the way to an important meeting or being squished on the tube. 814 more words


A fish downstream.

Remember, a dead fish can flow downstream, but it takes a live one to swim upstream.
W.C.  Fields

The War of the Worlds inside my mind.    

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A is for Altruistic

I had this idea to do for the month of January but I am just unable to do it, energy wise. So, I devised a new plan. 77 more words


Weather. Spring-like today!


Here is some of the best weather forecasting for the World of Outlaws, just click on the link, Mike Scott is my airname.

Arctic Oscillation has a profound affect upon our weather  as cold air rushes out of Canada and Alaska,  Mountainous area tend to dry these systems out.

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if we look at the origin of life and our solar system as a whole, we all came from space…pause…4.5billion years ago only hydrogen available, subsequent fusion reactions lead to other elements…life in human form probably very recent still a million year old…active…and will go back where we come from…by saying so about solar system, a bigger picture of our surrounding, the time scale would be in billion years…yet that time scale is for energy conservation or the other way not just humanly …we are here for hardly 10s of years and our life span can only see very small part of the earth’s time scale…even we just can see Haley’s comet only once in a life time… another fact of life is that we came here alone and ll go alone…in between we live our life with family and friends…while going through the recent events on news in our surroundings few things came up, there were accidents and disasters directly or indirectly linked to humanity…I mean man made, whether that of the flight in Ukraine or the gas pipe line in Taiwan (Kaoshiung) or the land slide in India (Pune), the fact remains the same is that innocent lives were lost, most of them were totally unaware of the unprecedented circumstances awaited them…when it comes to losing some one nearest, it’s hard to accept the loss, but the other side in bigger picture is that, life goes on as usual, sun rises as usual from east, stars appear at dusk, season changes, flower blossoms, birds migrate so on and so forth…the point here is that we are little fortunate to have this privilege of using the digital network to get informed and spread the word of compassion and kindness towards other and help others as much as you can on your own way… just extent your support to the ones in need…one  way would be to devote some time for the cause or involve with some NGOs (of course non-religious)…donation of money is another way…but complain about this or that doesn’t bring those who lost their lives, just act/do like an altruist, then life will be much easier and fulfilled


Amber & Tanzanite

We can only do, what we have done.   Truth born out on the terraces overlooking the ocean.   Cameras blink in Kodachrome flashes, pretty little women with sunshine and sashes.   106 more words