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The Sentient Clockwork

The Cogwheel’s Awakening

Let us imagine a state when one morning we woke up sensing very clearly, without a doubt that we are fully integrated, embedded cogwheels in a vast, cosmic machinery. 2,234 more words


The Stampede


As the deepening and seemingly unsolvable global crisis, and the worrying barbaric chaos engulfing even Western societies tries to show us, our artificial human bubble we keep stubbornly inflating is not compatible with the vast, cosmic natural system we exist in. 1,645 more words


What makes you believe that you are more altruistic than others?

What makes you believe that you are more altruistic than others?

Someone once saved my life by putting his own life in danger

Giving a kidney to a stranger… 2,156 more words


Big Dreams, Baby Steps

What are your dreams? Your big aspirations; the ones that seem out of reach.

I’m just a young soul, treading the fine lines between realistic and beyond reach. 987 more words

Food For Thought


Last evening at a gallery opening, a friend told me of his daughter’s reaction to a joke entitled How To Call Someone a Bastard. The joke revolved around a minister referring to an offending persons parents as never having been married. 277 more words

Life Purpose

A question that plagues so many of us, at varying times of our lives (or in most cases, the whole of our lives until we find it). 400 more words


Miguel's Love Poem

From time to time I dig this up, dust it off and repost it. I’m very attached to this. It is in the realm of Poetry. 626 more words