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Creativity is knowing the connection between the sciences and arts. It is being weird. It is challenging the status quo. Declaring a war against the conventional wisdom, against the reality.

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First Trip To Leeds

My 6 month (post tattoo) wait is up and on the 8th April Julie from St James’ was in touch to confirm they still wanted to see me. 1,102 more words



I had my second appointment today at the fertility clinic. It was to take bloods and have my first internal scan (which I was dreading!) 156 more words

Update from me

So I haven’t posted for a little while. For those who haven’t seen or heard, I’ve been off travelling around Australia for a month.

Whilst I had every intention to go cold turkey quitting smoking and alcohol intake, I have failed miserably. 263 more words


Give and Take

This world is a world of give and take. We always give in the hopes that one day when we need to we can take. This is exactly why as humans we are naturally inclined to be there for other’s when they need us. 226 more words

Be Your Own Superhero

We live in an ever changing world and in this world, we have one life and with that life-we have the opportunity to do amazing things. 709 more words


People Don't Care...

Until it affects them.

Sure there are altruistic people out there who are heroes and examples to the rest of humanity.  But, for the most part people are disconnected from the world outside of their sphere of influence. 111 more words