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Last evening at a gallery opening, a friend told me of his daughter’s reaction to a joke entitled How To Call Someone a Bastard. The joke revolved around a minister referring to an offending persons parents as never having been married. 277 more words

Life Purpose

A question that plagues so many of us, at varying times of our lives (or in most cases, the whole of our lives until we find it). 400 more words


Miguel's Love Poem

From time to time I dig this up, dust it off and repost it. I’m very attached to this. It is in the realm of Poetry. 626 more words

teachers are generous souls

Teachers are generous souls, always seeking to assist + help those in need.

This cry for help cut straight to the core…there wouldn’t be many teachers who wouldn’t lay down their lives for freedom here! 23 more words


Thanks to social media I am finally having conversations of substance for once. I never knew how much I missed it until I started having real conversations again. 104 more words



Creativity is knowing the connection between the sciences and arts. It is being weird. It is challenging the status quo. Declaring a war against the conventional wisdom, against the reality.


First Trip To Leeds

My 6 month (post tattoo) wait is up and on the 8th April Julie from St James’ was in touch to confirm they still wanted to see me. 1,102 more words