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Alumni Update with Kristen

The cool part about graphic design is that every business needs it. This means that you can work for many different industries and you can utilize your other interests besides graphic design in your career. 486 more words

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Syed Adnan Adil Memories at DoIM 2001-03

Alumni! Our Seventh Memorable Story
Syed Adnan Adil
(Library Systems Manager at University of West London, London England)

Syed Adnan Adil completed his MLISc in Library & Information Sciences in 2001-2003. 1,264 more words

Alumni Stories

My Time at DoIM:Malik Bashir Tiwana's Memories 1963-

Alumni! Our Sixth Memorable Story
 Malik Bashir Tiwana
(Ex. Chairman,the then Dept. of Library & Information Science, PU, Lahore.)

Special Note: “This time our story is little bit long & strong ;)  its a flashback of memories by our honourable Ex. 1,983 more words

Alumni Stories

Mehreen Tahir Memories at DoIM 2010-2012

Alumni! Our Fifth Memorable Story
Mehreen Tahir
Information Commons Librarian at Forman Christian college university-FCCU,Lahore)

“What’s meant to be, will always find its way!!!” I can very much relate to this quote. 861 more words

Alumni Stories

Alumni Update with Kaitlin

When you get a cut, you put a Band-Aid on it. When you have a headache, you pop a few Tylenol before bed. But when it comes to psychological wounds, treatment is much more complex. 454 more words

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The Boatman: An Indian Love Story

-John Burbidge (burbidge@centurytel.net), author.

Although I was not a member of the Peace Corps, I have a strong affinity for it since I have lived in the US for 27 years, am married to an American, and belonged to an organization whose work paralleled the Peace Corps in many ways. 253 more words

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Gideon Mbui ('13) demonstrates that the sky is never the limit.

‘…I have taken upon myself to work at demonstrating through my life and testimony that, “It is never over until God says it is.” Having stepped into an undergraduate class at 40, and graduating at 42, and now well into my Master’s program and projecting to pursue and complete a Doctoral program before I clinch 50, I know that “With God all things are possible.” ….’ Writes Gideon Mbui. 1,189 more words

Alumni Stories