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Gideon Mbui ('13) demonstrates that the sky is never the limit.

‘…I have taken upon myself to work at demonstrating through my life and testimony that, “It is never over until God says it is.” Having stepped into an undergraduate class at 40, and graduating at 42, and now well into my Master’s program and projecting to pursue and complete a Doctoral program before I clinch 50, I know that “With God all things are possible.” ….’ Writes Gideon Mbui. 1,189 more words

Alumni Stories

Azra Haroon Memories at DoIM 1996-97

Alumni! Our Fourth Memorable Story
Azra Haroon
Senior Librarian at National Library of Engineering Sciences, U.E.T, Lahore.)

The department has changed in its curriculum, outlook and in terms of teaching faculty. 204 more words

Alumni Stories

Farrukh Shahzad Memories at DoIM 2002-2004

Alumni! Our Third Memorable Story
Furrukh Shahzad
(Reference & Instructional Librarian at Forman Christian college university-FCCU)

I was/am a proud student of this great department previously known as Department of Library and Information Science and now as Department of Information Management. 549 more words

Alumni Stories

Qura-Ul-Ain Saleem Memories at DoIM 2010-12

Alumni! Our second memorable story
Qura-Ul-Ain Saleem

(Librarian at University of Central Punjab, Lahore)

I love those random memories that makes me smile no matter what is going on in my life. 510 more words

Alumni Stories

Love of writing defines O'Neill's time at Behrend

By Steve Orbanek
Marketing Communications Specialist, Penn State Behrend

As a child, Katie O’Neill always had a keen interest in writing and creative expression. This affinity continued when she got to grade school, and it was not long before others started to notice. 480 more words

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Raheel's memories at DoIM( Session 2008-2010)

Alumni! Here we go for the first story of memories sharing
Raheel Anwar
(Librarian at Forman Christian college university-FCCU)

It’s a great privilege for me to have been a part of the Department of Information Management during my masters. 338 more words

Alumni Stories

Returning to Honduras

– Elizabeth Fuhrman, RPCV

When I was a Peace Corps volunteer in the 80’s, we didn’t have a lot of tools to capture and share our experiences.   407 more words

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