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7 Fun Facts About Sister Barbara Perry

By Calvin Petersen

Sister Barbara Perry is the keynote speaker for Night of Nursing, a BYU College of Nursing alumni event taking place in over 40 locations nationwide on March 1, 2018. 400 more words

College Of Nursing News

UK alumni get back on campus for job and internship fairs this week


Laura Mattingly ’12 DES, ’13 BE knows the value of a career fair.

She landed her job as a sales representative with American Woodmark, a cabinet manufacturer located in Charlotte, North Carolina, four years ago at the same career fair she was at this week. 599 more words

Meijer Garden Trip for Honors Alumni

This semester we will be taking students to Meijer Gardens in Grand Rapids to see the “Drawn into Form by Beverly Pepper” exhibit and sit in on the “Five Great Women in Sculptures” presentation on Sunday, March 18th. 244 more words


Mad[ison] Libs: A Fun Game, JMU-Style

Have you ever done Mad Libs with your friends or siblings? Many of the Daily Duke team members have fond childhood memories of this wacky game, which got me thinking… how cool would it be to have a book of Mad Libs that were all JMU-themed? 106 more words

Campus Life

Empowering Residents to Improve Health Equity

In the 19th century, there may have been no more consequential biomedical scientist than Rudolph Virchow. His scientific research at a molecular level has had a profound impact on modern medicine even today, more than 150 years later. 727 more words

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સત્ય ઘટના

અમારી બાજુનો ફ્લેટ NRIએ વર્ષોથી લીધેલ છે…
છ મહિનાથી ઘર ખોલી કાકા કાકી રહેતા હતા….

તેમના બાળકો USA સેટ થઈ ગયા હોવાથી હવેની
બાકી રહેલ જીંદગી… ઇન્ડિયામાં કાઢવી તેવું નક્કી કરી તેઓ અહીં રહેવા આવેલ… 13 more words


From Business Development Intern in Edinburgh to Project Delivery Associate in Ghana

Dorcas Afia Amoh-Mensah graduated in 2017 with an MSc in Africa and International Development. After graduation, as part of the Employ.ed in an SME internship programme, she worked as a Business Development Intern with Challenges Worldwide and since then she has continued working with them in Ghana as a Project Delivery Associate. 912 more words

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