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Alumni vs. Alumnus

I absolutely love the dictionary, and their weekly teachings about words. This week the dictionary looks at the words alumni and alumnus. Two similar words, both used in daily context, but alumni is used more, and does have a different meaning. 324 more words


"A Letter from Essen to Hong Kong" by Gary Lam

Dear Tammy,

Life here is full of love and wonder, as much as my life in Hong Kong. Thank you for your books, I just love them. 648 more words


I feel lonely sometimes

When I lie in my bed and hear the distant voices of people laughing from the other side of the door,

When I feel like I’m going to reach the dark phase of painting like Rabindranath Tagore. 248 more words

Creative Space

Political Correctness

It’s nothing new. It’s why prisons are called “correctional” institutions. It’s why toilets are located in “restrooms.” It’s why a 24-year-old is “a senior writer,” and why people become senior, associate, assistant, consultant and undersecretary. 653 more words


Roberta Bondar

(Header Image via Speakers’ Spotlight)

Written By: Elena Djordjic

Dr. Roberta Bondar is Canada’s first female astronaut, as well as the first neurologist in space. 384 more words


Northrop Frye

(Header Image via the Toronto Star)

Written By: Ethelle White

Northrop Frye was a graduate of Victoria College, a literary critic, a university professor, an author, and an editor who was associated with Victoria College almost continually until his death in 1991.  706 more words