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Top 10 Children’s Horror Stories

Written by: Matt Molgaard

Got kids? Better yet, let me ask you this: Got kids who love to read scary stories? We’ve got you covered on must-read recommendations! 1,198 more words

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Batman 74 - is the Joker crazy?, and Alfred gets to be a movie star

Batman and Robin may not have been aware that the guy with the gun is the real Skid Turkel until he announced it, but they sure do now, on the cover of Batman 74 (Dec/Jan 52/53). 291 more words

Batman 36 - the Penguin opens a restaurant, Alfred solo stories end, and Batman joins the Knights of the Round Table

Batman and Robin visit the Arthurian era in Batman 36 (Aug/Sept 46).

But the lead story in the issue features the Penguin, by Schwartz, Kane and Burnley. 317 more words

Batman 22 - Alfred falls for Catwoman, Alfred solo stories begin, and the Cavalier returns

Alfred gets a prominent place on the cover of Batman 22 (April/May 44), as his solo series begins.

Alfred also gets a featured role in the Catwoman story in this issue, by Schwartz, Kane and Robinson. 385 more words

Batman 21 - Alfred joins the aristocracy, and the Penguin gives a rich man money

Busting broncos on the cover of Batman 21 (Feb/March 1944).

Alvin Schwartz joins Dick Sprang on this story, which is the first story in Batman to show the new, think Alfred, after his character visited a health spa in the pages of Detective Comics. 191 more words

Terrify the Little Children with these Books

Books have been delighting and entrancing children for ages, but they’ve also been scaring the pants off of kids, too. Sometimes for very good reasons, and sometimes for no particular reason at all. 355 more words


Superman 108 - Perry White's son, and lady cops go after Superman

Before we delve into the silly sexism of the cover story for Superman 108 (Sept. 56), there is another story about Perry White’s son becoming a reporter. 175 more words