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Great article with cute video proves why it's important to read to children

Swartz, A. (2017, January 12). This 4-year-old got a special visit to Library of Congress because she loves books so much. Retrieved February 03, 2017, from… 262 more words


Read This!: Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark

When Alfred came to a rise in the path, he looked back for Thomas. He did not see him anywhere. But he did see Harold. 317 more words


When Books Get New Covers

I normally don’t mind a cover change because it is unavoidable, and sometimes it is hit or miss. For example the new Goosebump book covers are horrendous. 208 more words


The Scariest Stories I've Ever Read (So Far In My Life)

I made the mistake of readings these books as a kid. I stayed awake hoping no monsters would pop out of the dark corners of my bedroom. 492 more words

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A must read.

I absolutely love scary stories. I love that feeling when the hair on your neck stands up and you feel that small amount of unnatural anxiety.   311 more words

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Reading Thoughts: THROUGH THE WOODS by Emily Carroll

I didn’t think I’d get creeped out by this graphic novel I stole from my boyfriend’s house…but I did. I live on a pretty busy street, and the city noise that seeps into my room is usually quite comforting. 66 more words

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