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Terrify the Little Children with these Books

Books have been delighting and entrancing children for ages, but they’ve also been scaring the pants off of kids, too. Sometimes for very good reasons, and sometimes for no particular reason at all. 355 more words


Superman 108 - Perry White's son, and lady cops go after Superman

Before we delve into the silly sexism of the cover story for Superman 108 (Sept. 56), there is another story about Perry White’s son becoming a reporter. 175 more words

Superman 105 - Mr. Mxyztplk becomes a reporter, and Superman becomes a slave

Superman does not look happy on the cover of issue 105 (May 1956).

But first, let’s look at the final story of Mr. Mxyztplk for decades, by Schwartz and Plastino. 244 more words

Superman 103 - Mr. Mxyztplk's insurance, and the mind reader

Superman is in shock on the cover of issue 103 (Feb. 56).

Mr. Mxyztplk is back in a story by Schwartz and Plastino.

The character looks more malevolent than in previous appearances, and his actions in this story are more destructive.  169 more words

Superman 95 - Susie's trip through time, and the publisher's nephew

The notion of an obnoxious reporter at the Planet is brought back in Superman 95 (Feb. 55).

But the lead story features Lois Lane’s niece, Susie.  159 more words

Superman 89 - hunting for the kryptonite bomb

Run!  Superman’s tearing up buildings! The cover story of Superman 89 (May 1954) features Luthor as the villain.

Schwartz, Boring and Kaye aim for a thriller in this story, which opens with Luthor producing a small kryptonite bomb.  60 more words

Superman 70 - Lois Lane and Annie Oakley, and Superman surrounded by kids

Although almost certainly inspired by the success of the musical “Annie Get Your Gun,” no reference to it is made in the lead story from Superman 70 (May/June 1951), by Schwartz, Boring and Kaye. 259 more words