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SQL Server High Availability and Database Recovery Model Relationship

There are four types of high availability options available in Microsoft SQL server. All the options are different from each other. For example, Log shipping, Mirroring and Always On works on database level while Replication works on database objects level. 100 more words

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A week in the life.

The best thing about technology’s place in our modern world? It gives me an excuse to carry a camera in my pocket pretty much all the time. 35 more words

Opposite Day

Coping Strategies & Staying Focused

I recently posted on social media asking my audience what subjects they would find value in me covering, so my next few blogs will be addressing some of the things that people commented about on that post. 1,584 more words

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Reflection on Always On

To begin, I selected the above photo to support my opening blog post. In the photo no one is paying attention to where they are walking because they are texting. 191 more words


Failed to perform AlwaysOn Manual Failover using the wizard - Availability-group DDL Operations are permitted only when you are using the master database .

Routine maintenance rolls around and it’s time to failover your AG’s to new Primary’s to allow for patching and restarts… the weapon of choice will be the SSMS Failover wizard – and why not its does the job nicely and give us some nice visuals as it progresses through each failover. 782 more words

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This Ain't Easy: Difficulties in Service

Peace Corps service is difficult. I often get asked if/what I miss about America. My answer is always food, and the variety of it. In fact, I have a list of places to eat when I return to DC. 404 more words


Moving database files of a database in AlwaysOn Availability Group

Recently, all the SQL server DBAs in and around the world have started with or have been on the “AlwaysOn Bandwagon”. So, eventually, if the technology doesn’t get replaced by a fresh High Availability technology or gets out-dated, we’ll get requests to move the data files into fresh new disks or add new files to a database in an AG (Availability Group). 261 more words

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