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SQL Server 2017 - Deferred Name Resolution Bug.

This issue came up recently while in the midst of an upgrade to SQL Server 2017, but it’s actually not related to the upgrade and has been around all along on previous versions. 537 more words

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Help: SQL Server Always On Availability Group Listener not working in Azure SQL VMs (Using Internal Load Balancer - ILB). How to troubleshoot?

As many of you might know that currently I have been supporting SQL Server in Azure Virtual Machines. Most of the concepts remains same but one of the common issue which was reported by many customer is about Always On listener connectivity. 507 more words


Cluster Quorum node weight settings

A quorum node set is a majority of the voting nodes and witnesses in the WSFC cluster. The overall health and status of a WSFC cluster is determined by a periodic quorum vote ( More details in official Link : … 115 more words


Conceptos de Grupos de Alta Disponibilidad SQL Server

Para asegurarse de que configure grupos de disponibilidad AlwaysOn correctamente, usted debe entender cómo funcionan, y la terminología básica que se utiliza para describirlos.

Réplicas… 525 more words

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How to query on secondary database with read intent connectivity setting ?

Error faced while running simple commands like “sp_who2” :

Msg 978, Level 14, State 1, Procedure sp_who2, Line 89
The target database (XXX) is in an availability group and is currently accessible for connections when the application intent is set to read only. 57 more words


REDO Queue Build up Issue (Always On)

Sometimes you may find that the REDO queue has build up on Always on and also your database transaction log file in Primary is growing out of control . 147 more words


SQL Alwayson Preferred Node workaround, Fallback script

We have Always-On configured between Node-1, Node-2 with Auto Failover enabled. Unfortunately one minor functionality was partially impacted when AG is primary on Node-2.

Business is very particular about not changing it to Manual Failover mode. 293 more words