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AlwaysOn Availability Groups – Enable or Disable Jobs on Failover

— By Lori Brown  @SQLSupahStah

After reading up on AlwaysOn Monitoring and Alerting (http://blog.sqlrx.com/2015/08/27/alwayson-monitoring-and-alerting/), I was asked to come up with a way to automatically enable jobs that may only need to run on the primary replica of an availability group. 1,428 more words

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SQL Server - Configuring custom Load Balancing in SQL Server 2012 and 2014 using Read-Only Routing

Starting with SQL Server 2012, AlwaysOn Availability Groups provided group level high availability for any number of databases for multiple secondaries known as ‘replicas’. The secondary replicas allow direct read-only querying or can enforce connections that specify ‘ReadOnly’ as their Application Intent using the new feature called… 1,548 more words

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SQL Server - Dynamically Generate Scripts for Configuring Read-Only Routing URLs and Lists

Read-only routing refers to the ability of SQL Server to route incoming read-intent connection requests, which are directed to an availability group listener, to an available readable secondary replica. 281 more words

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SQL Server - Script to generate Read-Only Routing URLs

If you are familiar with the new feature Read-Only Routing introduced in SQL Server 2012 with AlwaysOn then you should keep this script to generate URLs to be used in Read-Only Routing configuration. 1,106 more words

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Monitoring AlwaysOn

Just recently, I violated one of my guiding work principles as a DBA … Be Proactive, Not Reactive … What this principle means to me, is that I want to try to anticipate problems arising and fix them, rather than not noticing them until they bloom into a full-fledged issue that has a greater impact on my users. 498 more words


Availability Group Listeners Creation Issue

I must admit, that I was facing this issue since a while. I was trying to setup a lab to have a hands on with AlwaysOn feature; however the Availability Group Listeners creation was failing. 396 more words

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Beet.tv interview on Publicis/Adobe AlwaysOn partnership

Talking at Dmexco about the Publicis and Adobe partnership and AlwaysOn. I probably should not have thrown some peanuts into my mouth just before. That aside I covered the DMP discussion and our partnership with Adobe under the AlwaysOn umbrella. 6 more words