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How To Connect SSMS to ALWAYSON Read-Only Secondary Database

The databases in PRIMARY availability group can be used for read-write access. The databases in the SECONDARY availability group can be used just for read-only… 174 more words

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How to Avoid Orphan Users in SQL Server ALWAYSON, Create Logins Correctly

SQL Server logins are stored in the database. System databases (master, model, msdb and tempdb) cannot be included in an availability group so a login created on the PRIMARY replica will not show up on the SECONDARY replica automatically. 792 more words

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SQL Server – Endpoint Authentication Error in AlwaysOn Availability Group Setup

According to MSDN:

If the SQL Server service is running as a built-in account, such as Local System, Local Service, or Network Service, or a nondomain account, … 241 more words

SQL Server 2012

Alwayson Availability group from SQL Server 2012 to 2014

Alwayson availability group has come to the SQL Server World with very new features such as readable secondaries. Today I tried to setup availability group for a database from SQL Server 2012 to SQL server 2014 . 130 more words

Using microsoft azure for SQL database backup and restore.

msSQL2014 has a feature to backup local database into azure storage container.

Quick steps:

  1. Create a microsoft azure account, login, go to storage, create a storage, inside the storage create a container.
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msSQL2014 AlwaysON transparent data encryption(TDE)

Quick note:

SQL management studio dont allow encrypted database to be added from the GUI. So we have the following work around to have encrypted database in msSQL2014 AlwaysON.

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