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Failover Time-Prediction

In the previous post, we learned the basic definition of SQL’s new feature AlwaysOn and the various events that occur when a failover happens.

Today, we will learn how SQL Database engine predicts the time involved during the failover which can be very helpful for deciding the… 756 more words


AlwaysOn Failover Cluster- Explanation

To Start learning about the new SQL Server 2012 feature AlwaysOn lets start with basic study about the Windows Server Failover Clustering.

WSFC is a server feature which is used for the high availability for the critical applications. 333 more words


SQL\PowerShell - How to add database into an availability group

Using PowerShell, connect to the primary replica and run the following commands

Import-Module SQLPS

$DatabaseBackupFile = “\\server\shared_folder\<database_name>.bak”
$LogBackupFile = “\\server\shared_folder\<database_name>.trn”
$MyAgPrimaryPath = “SQLSERVER:\SQL\InstanceSQL1\AvailabilityGroups\availability_group_name”
$MyAgSecondaryPath = “SQLSERVER:\SQL\InstanceSQL2\AvailabilityGroups\availability_group_name” 62 more words


Synchronize Logins on AlwaysOn Replicas

–By Lori Brown   @SQLSupahStah

At one of my clients who has an AlwaysOn failover cluster, I noticed as I was checking up on things on the secondary replica that there were several fewer Windows and SQL logins on the secondary than on the primary. 1,354 more words

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My Top 5 Phone Apps

10% – that’s the percentage of phone apps I use on a regular basis. I guess most people are guilty of the same. That part when you download one and you don’t want to remove it because you think you might be able to use in the future. 526 more words


Materials from Mission Critical Performance Workshop

Today in MTC New York I provided workshop “Always On: Mission Critical Performance” dedicated to some new features of SQL Server 2016. (And this time SQL Server AlwaysOn technology actually was covered, but it was only fraction of the whole content ;-) ). 68 more words