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"The Fall" and the pedestal

Gillian Anderson’s The Fall keeps generating controversy. Political columnist Cathy Young calls the TV show “fauxminist,” disagreeing with some who call it the most feminist show on TV. 437 more words

Romance's Detractors and Benefactors...Who's Right?

Romance is the (old-school reference alert) Rodney Dangerfield of genre fiction. A month seldom passes when a noted writer doesn’t (at least seemingly) disparage romance novels and/or authors, inevitably sparking a spirited defense of the genre from its writers and fans. 1,542 more words

Ready for Whiteness History Month?

During the month of February, schools in the United States, from pre-K through university, offer some programming for Black History Month. This sometimes engenders a backlash calling for a “White History Month” to specifically focus on the culture and achievements of people from European backgrounds. 610 more words

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