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Romance's Detractors and Benefactors...Who's Right?

Romance is the (old-school reference alert) Rodney Dangerfield of genre fiction. A month seldom passes when a noted writer doesn’t (at least seemingly) disparage romance novels and/or authors, inevitably sparking a spirited defense of the genre from its writers and fans. 1,542 more words

Ready for Whiteness History Month?

During the month of February, schools in the United States, from pre-K through university, offer some programming for Black History Month. This sometimes engenders a backlash calling for a “White History Month” to specifically focus on the culture and achievements of people from European backgrounds. 610 more words

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The Impact Of 'Star Wars'

George Lucas’ Star Wars franchise was an immediate cultural phenomenon. The series and the numerous spinoffs in books, toys and comics dates back 30-plus years and redefined how movies were made and marketed. 51 more words

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Alyssa Rosenberg: The Uber-ization of Porn

Washington Post — Documentaries about sex work always risk falling prey to moralizing that doesn’t have much to do with the well-being of workers themselves. “Hot Girls Wanted,” a new documentary produced by Rashida Jones that arrives on Netflix today, certainly has concerns about the ways in which consumer demands affect the kind of pornography that’s getting produced and the way doing sex work affects the private lives of the women who are its subjects. 112 more words


Recap: Game of Thrones 'The Gift'

The threat of rape hangs over all the women of Game of Thrones, and it is beginning to weigh on the audience. So far, amidst all the think pieces and take-downs in light of Sansa’s treatment at the hands of her sadistic husband, I think that… 517 more words