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Boerne Bridal Photographer - Alyssa at The Springs

Select photos from Alyssa’s bridal session at The Springs in Boerne.  It’s always a pleasure to shoot bridal photos at wedding venues.  The lack of traffic and interruptions allows for a much more creative atmosphere.   130 more words


Book Review: "Shadowman: Birth Rites"

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I picked up the first volume (issues 1-4) of Shadowman. Written by Justin Jordan with artwork by Patrick Zircher, this book introduces Jack Boniface, a man who, upon throwing away a protective amulet given to him by his dead mother, becomes the target of sinister supernatural forces in New Orleans. 242 more words


|| Alyssa at the Pool~ ||

Come on Volky~ I wanna go in the pool!!
DOWNNN!!! I’m not as young as I used to be ;-;

Hey everyone, I am posting another exclusive piece.. 62 more words

Hello, and welcome to My Life in Pink! I am so excited to start my very FIRST blog! I decided to start this blog to help myself and others like you to stay informed and up-to-date on the latest fashion trends, life hacks, and other things i find interesting or attractive. 231 more words


The Umbrella

Author: Jan Brett

Reviewer:  Alyssa

Summary  of the story: Carlos goes to the cloud forest.  Then Carlos sees the animals in cloud forest. The animals jump in the umbrella.   34 more words

Book Review