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Is Donald Trump suffering from Pick's Disease (frontotemporal dementia)?

Changing the conversation about Donald Trump’s fitness for office from whether he has a personality disorder to whether he has an organic brain disorder.

For a long while there has been an ongoing debate about whether Donald Trump suffers from a personality disorder that might contribute to his being unfit the President of the United States. 1,279 more words

Some Video Games Are Good For Older Adults' Brains

If you’re between 55 and 75 years old, you may want to try playing 3D platform games like Super Mario 64 to stave off mild cognitive impairment and perhaps even prevent Alzheimer’s disease. 631 more words


Can you get Alzheimer's when you are young?

I used to attend regularly a program at Northwestern Memorial Hospital called ‘Healthy Transions.’ It was for folks over 55 years old and dealt with the situations they would encounter as they aged. 992 more words

Alzheimer's Disease

Dementia: Doing Better


It’s not for the weak-willed or the faint-hearted. To build a strong marriage, I believe it’s about team work, effort, shared goals and mutual respect. 1,385 more words

Weekly Neuroscience Update

An experimental therapy which involves a face-to-face discussion between a person with schizophrenia and an avatar representing their auditory hallucination may help reduce symptoms, when provided alongside usual treatment, according to… 429 more words

Weekly Round-Up

Research Roundup: Vanilla and its use in reducing skin inflammation, first child born to uterus transplant and more!

Welcome to this week’s Research Roundup. These Friday posts aim to inform our readers about the many stories that relate to animal research each week. Do you have an animal research story we should include in next week’s Research Roundup? 692 more words


Video Games May Help Prevent Alzheimer's Disease, A New Study Finds

Get ready to say “In your face!” to anyone who told you video games would rot your brain. Researchers at the University of Montreal published a study… 283 more words