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What Can You do to Combat Alzheimer's Disease?

The preceding post reviewed past and current research that experimented with the idea of using gene therapy for potentially treat age-related neurodegenerative diseases. To recap, the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill’s (UNC) research illustrated that mice with Sandhoff Disease, whom received the viral vector injections lived longer, had better motor skills, and showed reduced accumulation of protein GM2 in their brains. 594 more words


About this Blog

This blog has four posts dedicated to cell specialization. The first post will explain cell specialization and how the protein transcription process drives it. Experiments conducted about specialization and their relation to the importance of protein transcription is described in the second post. 30 more words

Remembering My Grandmother

Photographer Solal Israel is the Edge of Humanity Magazine contributor of this documentary photography.   These images are from his project ‘Eclat(s)‘ which in French means “glow” and “fragments”.   129 more words

Documentary Photography

Why Does It Matter?

You might be thinking, well, what do we do with all this new knowledge? A possible approach that can be taken with this research is to develop new treatments or cures. 222 more words

Difficulties are Coming!

The first major problem preventing the use of cell specialization for Alzheimer’s treatment and/or cure, is the lack of research. More funding should be provided to researchers dedicated to this cause. 200 more words

Walk to End Alzheimer's

“That was so nice” mom keeps saying . . . “how much they did and that one song that girl sang”. It was the National Anthem, but mom just couldn’t quite put her finger on the name of the song no matter how many times I helped her recall the name of it. 408 more words