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Puppy Love

It’s been a very busy few weeks in our household. Hubby is working 7 days a week right now and the kids are constantly doing stuff at school – end of term lovely stuff – stuff that makes me feel guilty when I don’t show my face. 921 more words

Book is ready. Now for pictures.

My mother’s book is ready to go to the publishers!

Waiting for her to be in a good presence of mind to sort pictures that need to be inserted.

It’s a process!

Alzheimer's Disease

In remembering my mother, I honour her

Climbing, rambling, shrub roses in shades of old-fashioned pinks; ornamental rose hips; fleshy thorns that prick; Zinnias in a riot of oranges, yellows, pinks and reds; A disarray of messy hollyhocks, sweet Williams, peonies and daisies; 915 more words

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Despite failed trials, experts believe we'll have an Alzheimer's drug by 2025

The results of recent trials that tested much-anticipated Alzheimer’s disease drugs dashed the hopes of patients with the debilitating condition. The most recent disappointment came from the large trial for solanezumab, by Eli Lilly, announced last month. 1,232 more words


Suppressing Amyloid Plaques in Alzheimer’s Disease and Diabetes

When proteins change their structure and clump together, formation of amyloid fibrils and plaques may occur. Such ‘misfolding’ and ‘protein aggregation’ processes damage cells and cause diseases such as Alzheimer’s and type 2 diabetes. 674 more words


Diabetes and Dementia Link: Alzheimer’s Impairs Insulin Signalling

Mount Sinai Researchers Identify Brain Insulin Resistance as Possible New Link Between Alzheimer’s Disease and Diabetes.

Several epidemiological studies support the hypothesis that diabetes increases a person’s risk for developing Alzheimer’s disease. 883 more words


New Link Found Between Diabetes and Alzheimer’s

Summary: Researchers report a drug used to treat diabetes may be successful at treating Alzheimer’s disease also.

Source: University of Aberdeen.

Drugs used to treat diabetes could also be used to treat Alzheimer’s disease, and vice versa, according to new research from the University. 975 more words