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Caring for a Loved One with Dementia? You Are Not Alone

Our society is greying. For the first time in Canada, we now have more older people (65+) than younger people (under 16). Although there are many benefits and advantages to getting older, the unfortunate facts are that as we age we become more susceptible to age-related diseases. 601 more words

A Review of "Reflection: A Caretaker's Battle With Alzheimer's Disease

What would you do, if a loved one is stricken with dementia or Alzheimer’s disease?  It’s not an easy situation and it can be an emotionally rough battle for the family and friends.    373 more words


Less Sugar in Your Diet may Save You from Dementia

Alzheimer’s disease and other Dementia May be Preventable

According to health surveys such as the one reported recently in the Daily Mail Online, an electronic media coming out of the UK, the likelihood of developing dementia or Alzheimer’s rates higher on the fear factor than of developing cancer. 563 more words

Alzheimer's Disease

65 things about my mom

My mom would have turned 65 on May 30th. Sharing my birthday week with her used to be very exciting when I was younger. Now, it’s the worst thing ever. 2,399 more words


A Rough Day

Today was a rough day…..

Some days are rougher than others. Sometimes, it is just the addition of one more “new” thing that has happened that makes it seem over the top. 416 more words

Living With Dementia

“There is a disease that’s killing our parents and grandparents and no one seems to be doing anything about it. One day it’s going to kill us.

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How to Reduce Your Chances of Alzheimer's - Harvard

I have mentioned numerous times how much concern I have regarding dementia and Alzheimer’s disease because three of my close family members suffered from one or the other of them. 455 more words