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Forgiveness and Fear

Boy,  this is going to be a tough one.   It’s been on my mind a lot lately so I may as well get it out.   Now that I’ve gotten my writing mojo back for a time there are a ton of other drafts sitting waiting to be completed,  but those can wait a bit longer. 1,523 more words


Report: Hostile Workplace For Female Professors At UCLA Alzheimer's Center

LOS ANGELES (AP) — An investigation at the University of California, Los Angeles, medical school found that female professors at its Alzheimer’s disease research center worked under hostile conditions. 109 more words


Janner Request To Keep Seat In Lords

From today’s edition of The Sunday Times

The reference to the general election indicates that this is a recent development. Lord Janner seems to have been well enough to sign a letter requesting that he remain a voting member of the House of Lords. 51 more words


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According to news reports this week, Greville (Lord) Janner will not be facing prosecution on charges of child sexual abuse because he's suffering from Alzheimer's. This was the same excuse that allowed Ernest Saunders to escape a prison sentence and Augusto Pinochet to avoid justice. In Saunder's case, he made a miraculous recovery. To the best of my knowledge, no one has recovered from Alzheimer's. Pinochet was similar: as soon as he touched down in Santiago, he practically danced across the tarmac. As The Needle points out, Janner recently requested to keep his seat in the Lords. Interesting. No?

The Road Trip Home

It is a beautiful day today in Minneapolis. The brown grass is disappearing, the buds are blooming and the air has such a sweet smell. Winter is over (I hope) and Spring has arrived. 676 more words


Deep brain stimulation for dementia

Science Daily has the details:

“Their research has shown that new brain cells, or neurons, can be formed by stimulating the front part of the brain which is involved in memory retention using minute amounts of electricity.

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Wait..Don't Stop Trying

Do you meditate and think, I’m just not really good at this? Your mind drifts off and you think about the movie you’d really like to be watching. 519 more words


Factors Causing Alzheimer’s Disease

Many scientists don’t yet entirely discern what causes Alzheimer’s disorder, but it has become increasingly understandable that it develops because of several events happening i n succession that make a place in the brain. 474 more words