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My aunt has dementia

Dear Doctor Column

1-20-18  Dear Doc, doctors tell us my aunt has “dementia.”  I know dementia has something to do with the memory, but what exactly is it?  820 more words

Alzheimer Breakthrough? Bredeson's The End of Alzheimer's: The First Program to Prevent and Reverse Cognitive Decline

Death has many doorways. Yet most of us go by way of heart disease, cancer, or respiratory disease; in fact, 50%.

The good thing is that we can preempt these diseases, if not reverse them through lifestyle changes. 1,045 more words


Saved by the Hail Mary (pass)

I really thought I was done with this!!!!!!

“This “being Headed Into Overtime.

It’s not that I didn’t still feel a very strong need to share. 886 more words

A Day In The Life

The Reactive Leg Drop: a Simple and Novel Sensory-Motor Assessment to Predict Fall Risk in Older Individuals

The application of Ayres’ Sensory Integration beyond Childhood is something our Director’s Kath and Ros have pioneered and that we specialise in at Sensory Project, mentoring therapists working across the lifespan and at ASI-WISE, through our… 373 more words

Saturday 20th Jan 18 - Getting worse

Despite calling dad last night and telling him not to go out this morning, as it was a Saturday and I would be coming to pick him up in the morning. 777 more words

Dad's Dementia Diary

Silk-smooth skin

I tried to touch you.
Tried to feel your silk-smooth skin.
I wanted, just once more to dive into those eyes.

Those eyes that carried my entire life. 115 more words


It's not concussions that cause CTE. It's repeated hits, a study finds

The neurodegenerative disease chronic traumatic encephalopathy can start early and without any signs of concussion, according a study released Thursday.

The Alzheimer’s-like disease has been most commonly associated with former professional football players, but has also been detected in military veterans, including many who have been exposed to roadside bombs and other types of military blasts. 950 more words