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What to do with a misfortune is to quickly turn it into a fortune. But you got to be quick.


Baking Soda (Rough Draft)

Like every momma, she had her own remedies,
like baking soda
on a canker sore. It wasn’t easy, but
it worked; besides, her own
mother (my grandmother, died before… 214 more words


Micropoetry of the Week


After the fight
I heard you while you
thought I was sleeping.
The next morning, I saw
the broken bottle,
overturned chair,
the end of our romance. 236 more words


Weekend Update #2

Welcome to my version of The Sunday Post (hosted by Caffeinated Book Reviewer), where I talk about what my reading progress as well as share updates from my current writing projects. 326 more words

Book Talk


Many virtues have been lost with the passing of time and the hardening of the human heart, but perhaps one we need to restore is gallantry. 250 more words



Some people glow more than others, all the times. Sometimes those who glow more than others all the time dim, so when they dim, they darken deeper than those who do not glow so often, or so much. 78 more words


The one who creates the switch feels familiar in both lit and dark worlds

Heaven. It is always
somewhere else. Why
not here?
Peace. It is always
in the future, or
in the past. Why not now?
Love. It is always never, 12 more words