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I do not take love seriously but love takes me seriously

Love you
kiss me, I bite
back. I take
you and your expanses
for granted.

Throw rotten
tomatoes at me. I am an ultimate
fool. Love makes a clown of me. 196 more words


Door or dogrose

September is almost over. I had no idea.


Writing competitions: Running the endless race...

Epiphanies are rare. That moment when the right thought finds the right cubby hole in your brain in which to nest and nurture itself. This morning I realised after much anxiety this week that writing competitions just aren’t for me. 953 more words

On Writing

This poem was supposed to be called something other than Empty but it landed

When you left me
I felt so empty
Until I realized
There were so many
Many fish in the sea
Who can make me
feel emptier… 251 more words


Writing Ad Hoc

As is probably evident from the sporadic nature of these posts, I have to write where I can and when I can. Like most aspiring writers, I have a day job (that often creeps into nights and weekends), I have a partner, I have a mildly demanding cat and domestic life to contend with. 229 more words

Am Writing

I don't know why but I keep coming back to it

Forgive me, kind sir. From the neck up I develop my harmonies; from the waist down is seductive chaos. You are sticking two fingers into the honey jar and the honey glistens with desire as it drizzles from your hand onto my aching body… 156 more words


First Writers Group Meeting Was Today!

A few days back I mentioned that I had asked my local library on Facebook if they knew of any writers groups in the small town where I live. 936 more words

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