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Reference to Tangent: I knew what I wanted to do with the last post of the challenge but I didn’t know what to call it. So I opened a dictionary and started going through words with Z. 541 more words


Haiku: Sakura

silent night
whispers caught in pink plumes
become the wind


English Language

In London, perfect, correct English is coming at you from all directions. Billboards, train conductors, window panes, even graffiti. In its precise display, your display of English will become more precise. 40 more words



She was a good friend of mine, but we are not friends anymore. Even best friendships, with which we spell forever, end. If it felt like forever in the moment, is it invalidated by the end of our friendship? 500 more words


The universe in three drafts

Draft one:
Open, the universe.
Deep, and go.

The impenetrable universe.
Adiaperastos and go.

Malakas the universe,
Malakas and go.

The universe mocks me.
I mock the universe and go. 72 more words


Rainbow Snippets - 4/29/17 - Trustfall

Hi everyone!

I thought up a working title for this piece! I hate it, but it’s better than just calling it “new story” all the time, so we’re going with “trustfall” since a huge part of this novel revolves around trust. 257 more words


My Novel - Chapter One - Part Three


Athan stopped to catch his breath. It eluded him, billowing from his nostrils. The air around him was tight with the fumes of magic. They tickled his nose and cloyed at his throat. 395 more words