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Mindful Musings #21

Valiant husband does it all with a smile.

Valiant husband maintains the household and the children.

Valiant husband caters to the whims of the ill.

Valiant husband is valiant!


On Love and Laughter

I’ve never been one for relationships. Okay, that may have been because I’ve never had the opportunity for them. The only boys I knew are fictional and / or already dating. 1,277 more words


Mindful Musings # 20

The sorrow can creep up on you.

It comes from nowhere

And you cannot be prepared.

You can only react.

Fight or flight?



Art is the
gift of birds

Each word is
in addition a bird

A flock of them
flying the page
to a single
compassionate source… 179 more words


Writing Prompt: What Wall?

Tell a story using at least one character with a complete disregard for the fourth wall. You know how you’d like your story to progress…but this genre-savvy character may have other plans.


The A B C of writing a book...

Please note, this is not a list of instructions – that needs no A B C. To write a book, ‘all’ you need to do, according to a cartoon doing the rounds on social media, is: 738 more words

An Imaginary Reality

Bright lights, glamourous makeup, melodramatic tears, and diva personalities all caught on camera as contestants vie for … a literary agent?

*cue record screech*

OK, so that reality show only exists in my imagination, but can you fathom what it would be like if publishing a novel were like trying to break out as a singer in a talent search show? 1,532 more words