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Week Three: Winter 2017 Online Writing Group

It’s the third week of this winter’s writing group!

Week Three Goals:


I had a productive week — but not for my writing. Fortunately, I have a real deadline to force me to make some headway because one of my short stories will be due as a homework assignment next week. 696 more words


What a life light in winter

I fell asleep
in winter and
woke up for the line
to throw
through the ice
and bring out
the wisest fish. It
was a reward for… 113 more words


People I Once Knew - Part 16

inmate number                           

“he wanted me to call you
cause he got locked up
and he don’t remember
your number. i have him
on the other phone. 163 more words


Since there is little sun in the sky I shall put some sun in my plate.


Blue Monday

They call it that because it is the most depressing day of the year. But we as writers know sadness well. One might even go so far as to say as we redefine it, push its envelope against the darkness, or do I mean light, recreate it anew, and not in the way Marcel Duchamp “recreated” the Mona Lisa, no; he just… 70 more words


Damien, rip

Liberate yourself through objective truth. A door is not your father, your past, your inadequacy, your failure, your wild side, so stop banging it, trying to kill it, slam it, it is just a door. 289 more words


2017: New year; new goals

I was never a big fan of new year resolutions. It always felt like I was setting myself up for disappointment by having a long list of (sometimes unrealistic) expectations. 374 more words