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#WriterWednesday Coach, Consultant, Strategist--Same Difference, right? 

With the flexibility of online learning and more and more authors opting to self-publish we also have the emergence of writing coaches, consultants, and strategists. If you’re not familiar with business then it all sounds the same and it seems like you don’t need any of it, but it’s not the same difference. 690 more words

Am Writing

It's not me darling, it's you

100 Days of Writing – Day 44 (2)

Countdown to NaNoWriMo – 5 Days

Welcome to a first: the first double blog of 100 Days of Writing… 536 more words



A golden moment captured at dawn…along the rivers edge.

She walked as the day awaken before her.
Taking each step to watch the sky unfold with magic. 101 more words


Writing Dilemma-- Sexuality

ATTENTION: This post contains explicit content. It talks of alternative sexuality, female sexual habits, and a woman who does not want babies. If any of this is offensive to you, please don’t read further. 576 more words



Life’s what you make it
sang Talk Talk (1986) and
most recently Placebo
(2016). Both bands also
state that beauty is
naked. I get it, I… 167 more words


Thresholds are actually moments when the garden jay flies out

​In love, things switch places, or perhaps things begin to return to the place they began life. Skin is eyes, eyes are hands, and arms a million kisses for my lovers in chains. 9 more words


Writing Partners: How @RuthACasie Became a Best-Seller #amwriting #POTLReads

While writing is a singular thing, input and brainstorming with like-minded spirits is not only enjoyable but mind expanding. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve come across a plot issue that I couldn’t see my way through. 1,302 more words