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The almighty “they” say you are supposed to “write every damn day”  and “shovel sand, you can build the castles later,” and all this other crap about how you need to just sit down and type, type type, and even it’s total shite, you can go back and edit later.   1,180 more words


The Hero of Fereldon Hates Me: A DA:I Fan Fic

Alright. This is the first chapter of my first ever fan fiction! It’s a Dragon Age piece and as a writer myself I have all of these head cannons for my characters that just needed to be written and posted. 2,503 more words


​Spirit (Inevitable)

A traveller, a migrant, a seafarer, a sky mapper, a space invader, a galaxy explorer.
On the other end of this very night, dreams are perfect spheres, 31 more words


​Heart (Satellite)

Moonlight is a satellite renders your face, lost in time.
The poets look skyward for rhyme sublime.
You are every bird in the sky.
In summer, their mating songs wake me up into moonlit nights.


Maintaining Realism in Fantasy

I should be working on my book right now, but I’m struggling. My writing process is in this huge nasty funk and I’ve been ignoring the problems for a while. 510 more words

Hazelnut Latte

Heart (4 am)

4 am, smoking on the empty street in front of my house, I asked the half empty moon for a sign, and a few quick moments later, I saw a fox cross the street. 31 more words


Thank You!

Just an all too short post to say, “Thank you!” for following The Old Fossil (even as Pearl Kirkby) here on WordPress, Twitter and Instagram. 50 more words

Pearl Kirkby