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My Conscience and Snapchat (Day 111)

Well, that’s Summer 2018 done and dusted, all two days of it.  Ha ha, twas short but fabulous.

You know, Snapchat got updated a couple months ago and apparently it bugged the crap out of everyone (bar me who doesn’t actually have a Snapchat account) and there was more uproar over it than there was over the gun laws in the United States. 382 more words

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Accountability for the writer and work at home pt. 1.


Working from home is a weird thing sometimes. It has its advantages and its disadvantages. The good and the bad. 

The bad can be that you are only holding you accountable in most types of working from home. 177 more words

Simple dreams

A place to live

Where I can call it MY home

A place to sleep

Where I can sleep without fear of labor at 2am… 52 more words


Madhouse- body

Your belligerent electric eyes
of swamps and tea bags
like vapours & death
picking my hair strands
to dissect me further,
oh you, mouth of monster… 71 more words


How Script Pipeline Helped A Screenwriter Get Their Movie Made by Jay Silverman

Watch the video interview on Youtube here

Film Courage: Your new comedy Jay OFF THE MENU, it’s a romantic comedy set in New Mexico based on food, love, different things. 424 more words


Lost in the World of Fiction (Day 110)

I’ve had a great day but I feel weird and out of sorts.

Why?  Because I’ve spent the past four hours reading an excellent but highly depressing novel! 448 more words

Irish Blogger

Same destination, different course, same source, different feeling

The most important thing is to start, to take the leap.
Off the rock.
Into the deep sea below, where Sappho beats her drum.
Is there a difference? 221 more words