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Road Blocks - No E Story

Kasim nominated me to do the no ‘e’ challenge, but turn it into a story.
This isn’t really a complete story, but it’s something haha. 141 more words



brain rewired and simply

seeking an end to this confusion

this persistent state of mistrust

and its splintering my belief

leveling pedestals where I held on… 103 more words

(Late) Recap, and Goals (8/2 - 8/8)

Soooooo…I started this first week of actual work with more of a whimper than a bang. But I started, damnit, so I’m counting it as a win. 226 more words


Summer's Kiss

Someone had once explained to me that if I had let my muse down, he would eventually pass away. I fearfully sought him out only to discover he was terribly frightened that I had given up on him … and it almost feels as though I had. 307 more words

My body is always one step ahead of me

Everything human continues to overtake me. I imagine this lite malaise is in fact universal. Leaning into a clear page to draw or write is an act of almost meditative coercion, a re-establishing of boundaries between my mind and my demons, as if the art act itself marshalls those demons into sheer creative output. 28 more words


A Walk through Town

I drove back past my old campus today and it made me realize something.
That old campus which courses I failed to finish.
The courses I despised, although I stuck with it anyways. 570 more words

Dealing with Doubt

Image: Romain Toornier 

My first day of classes is in twenty-three days and all I can think about is not going. I have this vision of raising my hand after attendance is taken and saying, “Excuse me, Professor, you didn’t call my name.” He’ll scan the list one more time, shake his head, and tell me to go to the main office down the hall, on the right. 822 more words