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Sinking Ship

Green eyes watch with​ pain filled torture. No, not this. Anything but this. Just what would compel them to do this? To take away the one person who has risked his existence for all of them. 73 more words


Admiration and Aviation

Tell them that you
love their idiosyncrasies
before it is too late
because the ones with
the heaviest regrets
are not the ones who
spoke their love and lost… 20 more words


Ain't No Rest

The dead we buried
were not satisfied
being ghosts and I
felt sure I would see
a skeleton hand pierce
through the dirt
atop the frozen ground… 14 more words



The cages of mazes
raises the question
of a cold-gripped
winter gone somehow.

Gone now
too is the holly, and
the hard seedless ground
below the ice, and the shadows have become… 96 more words


Hold My Hand

hold my
hand. Take me
where you go.
But don’t let
go of my hand.
Where you go
I will follow.
I will close my… 111 more words


in the landscape grey the forsythia bushes
are a shock! of well-adjusted yellows,
not mad at all, each small petal, confident.

and later on you… 127 more words


Increasing Writing Productivity - Camp NaNo Style!

Guess what time it is? Camp NaNoWriMo time! I’m so excited. After participating (and failing) regular NaNoWriMo in November, I can’t wait for camp. Camping is so much fun… 472 more words

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