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Who is this blogger-wannabe?

This year, I find myself captured in a world of inks and papers, words and proses. And no, I am not an alien to this world. 167 more words

First Post


Describe him he is in his mid-thirties
he is quite tall
he body-builds
he has strong arms
strong legs
a strong stomach
a powerful neck… 86 more words


A beautiful understatement

There is a man over there.

In the man there is a mountain
and in that mountain, there is a
a mine, which he descends, 100 more words


A Week in Writing

So although I’ve now got ‘Star Crossed’ out there, I’m still a lazy writer.

There, I’ve admitted it.

I confess that I have these insane and (I hope!) brilliant ideas in my head but I somehow expect them to get onto the page by themselves – words can walk from brain to screen can’t they?! 184 more words

Daily Natterings

An Old-Fashioned Opinion: Prologues, Epilogues, & Epigraphs

Let’s talk about some of my favorite things, but like my aversion to simple and repetitive dialogue tags, my opinion seems to be in the minority. 881 more words

#Am Writing


I’ve spent months alone
Hours a day holed up in my room
Nary a word to another human being…

It was heaven


Budgie's Journal #70 - Thick Skin

This is something that bears repeating: If you’re going to be an author, especially an independent one, you need to have thick skin.

Yesterday, I came across a conversation on Twitter. 369 more words