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Quote by Amanda Grace from But I Love Him

But even when I stop crying, even when we fall asleep and I’m nestled in his arms, this will leave another scar. No one will see it.

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Delia Jade

Friendship, Distance, and Forgiveness - Guest Post from Ashley Barrett

As a female, it’s sometimes hard to navigate through different seasons of life with people. Single, married, pregnant, motherhood. Sometimes it’s hard to relate to others, sometimes our lives just become so different that schedules and priorities just don’t seem to align anymore. 1,361 more words

Amanda Grace

The Race Down the Aisle - Guest Post by Amber Wilkinson (Amanda's Sister)

Like a bride waiting for her groom,
We’ll be a Church, READY for You.
Every heart LONGING for our KING,
We Sing
Even so COME, Lord Jesus COME. 904 more words

Amanda Grace

I Loved Her First

There is a country song by the band Heartland called “I Loved Her First.” I remember this song hitting the airwaves the summer before Amanda and I got married. 1,234 more words

Amanda Grace

Finish Strong, Finish Well

One of the things I enjoyed doing the most with Amanda was running. We were those crazy people that ran for FUN. I still enjoy it as a way to clear my head. 513 more words

Amanda Grace

Nothing is Wasted

On November 10th, 2015 our world was turned upside down . . . Let me back up.

You could say we were living the dream. Sure we had our tough times and difficult seasons but we were chasing our dreams and loving every second of it. 1,070 more words

Amanda Grace

Would She Have Still Said YES?

My counselor asked me this question during one of our conversations. He said, “Davey, do you think Amanda would have still said ‘yes’ to Jesus about moving to Indianapolis if she knew she was going to lose her life four years into it?” I really had to chew on this before I could answer him. 689 more words

Amanda Grace