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City of Light, City of Art, City of Amitié

Ten years ago I was sitting beside a pool in Valencia, explaining to a woman I’d never before met that I’d laid in my hotel bed the evening before, dressed in every garment I had with me, shaking and shivering through Spain’s sweltering summer night. 395 more words

Amanda Hamilton / On Floriography

I love these gorgeous glass cloche and paper sculptures by the American artist, Amanda Hamilton. Inspired by historical paradise gardens, she created plants, herbs and flowers out of wire, glue and paper. 35 more words

20 Nutritional Visionaries You NEED to know about!

Perhaps it is the geek in me, but I just can’t get enough of other Nutrition experts websites; blogs, recipes, general foodie chat. You name it, I will read it, or watch it. 1,056 more words


Obligatory Thankful in November Post (Someone had to do it)

It’s November and I’m really ready for Thanksgiving break… so I thought I’d do a post about all of the things I am thankful for in my professional life. 973 more words

Amanda Hamilton

White Food

We are forever being told to avoid white food, but in my fitness magazine I saw an article discussing the benefits of white food.  Ok, ok, not your overprocessed, white bread, pasta and the like.  609 more words

Dinner/main Meal

"Always the Moon" Reprinted -- Again

Hi guys,

Silver Boomer Books has created an anthology with the theme “longest hours,” in which all the stories are based on waiting, and my story “Always the Moon” is in it! 117 more words

Expect the Unexpected

Anyone that knows me knows that I love Big Brother. I love reality TV in general, but I really love Big Brother. The slogan or mantra of the show is “Expect the Unexpected.” This comes from the fact that usually have some pretty big game changing twists in store for the house guests each summer to keep things interesting. 1,080 more words

Amanda Hamilton