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Innocence project is guilty of lying about Amanda Knox

Amanda Knox and the Innocence Project just can’t stop lying.  Over and over they keep publishing the same mistruths about the murder of Meredith Kercher.  In an… 367 more words


A Shakedown of The Scarlet Liar Part II

The key to understanding Amanda Knox is knowing how she delights at being the center of attention. In the opening seconds of this video one senses that giddy joy in being at the epicenter of her own story. 3,928 more words

Amber Rose On Amanda Knox Interview: Who You Sleep With ‘Doesn’t Make You A Murderer’

Amber Rose has bonded with Amanda Knox, who was initially convicted of murdering her college roommate. And Amber has a message for those who want to slam her new pal over her sex life. 408 more words


A Shakedown of The Scarlet Liar

Due to a glitch with WordPress, the embed code for the original video doesn’t work. This analysis should be viewed while watching the video, which you can do… 4,048 more words

Podcast: Similarities between Amanda Knox and West Memphis 3

Roberta Glass (www.youtube.com/user/robertaglass) discusses the similarities of the Murder of Meredith Kercher case (Amanda Knox) and West Memphis 3 case (Damien Echols) 93 more words


13 Spooky similarities Amanda Knox and Damien Echols share

13 Similarities between Amanda Knox and Damien Echols:

  1. Both have been found guilty of murder and spent time in prison. Three perpetrators were involved in both murders but all of the attention went to Knox and Echols during and after the trials.
  2. 253 more words

Shame on Mischa Barton supporting convicted felon Amanda Knox

For generations, high profile killers have used their infamy to lasso in celebrities to support their cause.  John Lennon, Yoko Ono, Johnny Depp and now Mischa Barton have all publicly supported a criminal.    1,059 more words