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'First Reformed' Is Paul Schrader's Most Interesting Work In Years

Paul Schrader has long been credited for helping to create some of the defining films of the 70s and 80s — through his screenwriting work on… 972 more words

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Andrew Niccol presents his take on a slightly distant future Orwellian dystopia in Anon. The effect of which is quietly chilling as we slowly see his concepts… 411 more words

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I feel like there should be a joke here, Ethan Hawke playing a priest who drinks bourbon and pepto, but I just can’t think of it. 1,619 more words


The Clapper

January 2018

Eddie Krumble wants a normal life and his gas station crush, but a late-night talk show screws it up for him. So now he must figure out a way to put the pieces of his life back together without doing more damage. 318 more words

Review of "Anon" (mild spoilers)

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Anon is a new Netflix science fiction film about a dystopian future where everyone is equipped at birth with eyes that record everything they see and upload the video to the net, where it can be reviewed and shared with others at will, but also accessed by the police. 158 more words


First Reformed - It's good, it's very good.

First Reformed is a slow burn movie filled with dark, sarcastic humor that ignited into a bornfire at the end of the movie. I don’t recommend reading the review of this movie at all. 167 more words

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