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Dream Jobs - An Interview With Stuntman And Actor Damian Mavis

It is rather uncommon for someone to be equally active as a stuntman and an actor, but Damian Mavis has plenty of experience in both professions. 1,075 more words


PODCAST: Amanda Tapping

Vintage Interview where she talks Sanctuary when it was a web series plus Stargate Season Ten, and the Stargate movies.

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Supernatural Writers Glynn and Berens Tee Up the End of Season 12 With "The Future"

Last night’s episode of Supernatural was extraordinary in so many ways – enough for me to want to sit down and write something about it. We’re in season 12 with the Winchesters, and with the show renewed for an unprecedented 13th season on the CW, fans are curious as to how these story lines and relationships between the characters are going to play out. 1,158 more words


Damian Mavis chats working on 'Supernatural' and 'Arrow'

Damian Mavis is a fan first and foremost. Acting is his passion with stunts being his most fun job on the planet. Fantasy and sci-fi are right up at the top, with martial arts coming in at a close second. 1,446 more words

PODCAST: SyFy Channel Red Carpet Interviews

From June 4, 2012 – I have these vintage interviews conducted on the red carpet featuring Amanda Tapping, Felicia Day,Colin Ferguson, Aaron Douglas , Renee O’Connor, Justin Hartley, Erica Durance and more. 9 more words

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