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The Magic Mushroom - The Fly Agaric (Amanita Muscaria)

Okay, who hasn’t played Super Mario Brothers?  Anyone? I thought so.  So, this is the mushroom that would “make you bigger” in the video game.  After you read about this mushroom, you will see why it made the character double in size, begin breaking bricks with their head, and able to take an extra hit from an enemy.  439 more words



Medium: Ink on Mixed Media Paper

Thoughts: I drew some mushrooms once. It was cool.


The Urban-shroom

Freiberg, Germany, October 2016

We found these huge fly agaric (Amanita muscaria) mushrooms on a yard in front of a public building in a small town. 40 more words

Weasel's Pics

Exploring Wild Mushrooms

Since Joining the Western Pennsylvania Mushroom Society last year, I have had the privilege of attending educational meetings and foreys in the many forested parks around the city which have opened up a new world of the diversity and abundance of mushrooms. 274 more words



The fireweed has finished blooming, a sign which the locals say heralds the end of summer.  As we lament the passing of these beautiful pink blossoms and, with them, the long sunny days, at least we can get excited by all the amazing mushrooms that are popping up everywhere.   141 more words


Tea With The Witch---May

May’s Baba Yaga was inspired by those fortunetelling teacup sets that were popular in the past and have experienced a bit of a revival in recent years. 70 more words

Baba Yaga