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Amanuensis Monday – Affidavit of Decease

It has been a couple of weeks since I last posted and I didn’t start to post this piece but something else. Sorry for the delay. 303 more words

Michael McCormack

Grandfather's Diary, Part V

This is going to be the last entry for my grandfather’s diary because I deem most of what’s left too personal to publish.

“In October 1944 I entered Senatobia, Mississippi boarding school as I had never had the chance to finish high school. 357 more words

Location: Mississippi

Grandfather's Diary, Part IV

Last week, my grandfather had been elected to cotton weigher for Tippah County. He skips some time and we’re now in the 1940s. His parents were separated and he was living with his mother, taking care of her. 847 more words


Grandfather's Diary, Part III

One of the things I noticed about this short diary of my grandfather’s is his way of slipping off subject and becoming very thoughtful to the point of being morose. 273 more words


Grandfather's Diary, Part II 

As I’ve said before, my grandfather was prone to dark moods. But reading about it, it made him live for me and I could understand him better. 262 more words

Amanuensis Monday

Grandfather's Diary, Part I

Over the next several Mondays, I plan on transcribing the short diary my paternal grandfather left behind. Mack Holley was an enigma of a man, even though I never knew him. 1,119 more words