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Delicious Lactation Cookies that WORK

Aria and I have been exclusively breastfeeding for almost 4 months! As a treat to both of us I wanted to make a lactation cookie that taste great and worked like a charm. 278 more words

Amaranth Chia Cherry Bowl

Amaranth is one of those grains that A Blood Types do well on…as well as those who don’t handle wheat and gluten all that famously. It is nutty in flavor.   172 more words


I had these first at a breakfast place called Suzette and quite liked the idea of these earthy tasting pancaked served with hummus and salad. 105 more words

Breakfast And Brunch

Sweet potatoes and greens

From my FaceBook blog beginning.  Copied here for your enjoyment!

18 April:  That big bundle of greens propped up on the right hand side of the food haul pic is 1 kg of amaranth leaves (which believe me, once unbound and washed filled an entire shelf in my fridge in itself. 103 more words


Day 6

Tried making some grain free cookies today. I used amaranth flower, but I think they taste too strongly of amaranth. I’ve made crackers with amaranth before and I think they taste really good with the right seasoning. 106 more words

On April 30th, celebrate Children's Day the Mexican way with Happy Amaranth Crispies y mucho mas...

In 1924, Mexican president Alvaro Obregon of Mexico declared April 30 Día del Niño, or Day of the Child, following the League of Nations’ Declaration of the Rights of the Child in the same year. 628 more words