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Summer Tsigarista

Back when it was much much cooler than it is now, a whole host of wild greens were available both in my garden and at the stalls of the… 440 more words


Scenes from a Balcony Garden Vol. 1

Early spring, I went to a local (aka non-big box) gardening store. The experience wasn’t pleasant at all but I came away from the encounter with this growing bag in which I am growing sunflowers and amaranth (loves lies bleeding).  512 more words


Lemony Coriander Quinoa

Standing at the bench “taste testing”, actually just down right eating the salad I just made for tea. Better stop or I will have to think of something else for tea, and there is not much in the fridge because we are away for the rest of the week. 262 more words

Lentil Amaranth Stuffed Portobello Mushrooms

This recipe for stuffed portobello mushrooms is elegant and completely delicious.  Using both lentils and amaranth, these are a  great source of plant based protein and packed with many valuable nutrients.   404 more words


Celosia Cristata

My celosia cristata’s seeds are growing as if totoro were taking care of them ;)

Also known as cockscomb celosia cristata is family of amanth plants, and you probably don’t know but I’m a huge amaranth plants fan since they can take well hot weather, relatively easy to grow, really resistent, you can eat them (well I’ll check more about that info) aaaand they are SO PRETTY! 11 more words


Growing Amaranth – How to grow Amaranth Plant in your Garden

By geekgardener, on September 18th, 2015

What is Amaranth ? Amaranth, a collective name for all Amaranthus plants is a short lived. Amaranth leaves, amaranth grain and amaranth stem are used for cooking. 466 more words


Chinese Spinach/Amaranth

This year, my mom and I are planting different crops to make sure that we’ll have a variety of food. The first and most plentiful is always this Chinese Spinach or Amaranth. 30 more words