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Amaranthine (Camp Nanowrimo 2017)

Who am I to drink in love’s sweet wine and take its life-giving miracle?

Who am I to deny my end when the raven leaves its feather at my door? 341 more words


Amaranthine #aprilfalls

‪She blooms no less‬‪

Through summer, winter or fall‬

‪Yet in spring she shines‬

‪Just a little bit brighter‬

‪For its this season‬

‪The amaranthine owns‬ 31 more words



‘ why do try to imitate the sky by changing their colors?’

He sat there,

Admiring his world,

His only life and affair.

She rested there as always, 77 more words


Amaranthine~by Nandita Samanta


The void you created I tried to hide
For years in tears unseen cried
The salty drops at times dried…
Filling the space left empty… 209 more words


The Illithid, Part II

Dramatis Personae: Berrian, Tasklar (plus Karth and Gil?)
Source: “The Hall of Harsh Reflections” (Dungeon 127)

NB. This was a bonus session I arranged at the last minute. 2,113 more words


The Illithid, Part I

Dramatis Personae: Berrian, Tasklar (plus Karth, Gil, and Galindan)
Source: “The Hall of Harsh Reflections” (Dungeon 127)

NB. I only had two players for this session, but they were given permission to run Karth and Gil as well. 2,076 more words