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Phil Jackson (@PhilJackson11) calls out New York Knicks (@nyknicks)!

It can’t really get any worse for the worst team in the league right now: the New York Knicks. At this point, all they can do is pile up the trash and wait until next year. 229 more words

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Amar'e Stoudamire w/ a Vicious Dunk on Maxiell (Video)

Amar’e Stoudamire just got traded to the Dallas Mavericks recently and he’s already throwing it down with some serious authority. Take a look at the dunk below.


Mavs pursuit of Stoudamire - big risk for chance at big reward

It’s said that you can never have too much talent. But what happens when does chemistry taking a back seat to talent turn out to be a bad thing? 447 more words


Daily fantasy basketball lineup: Patrick Beverley is a bargain buy

We have a pretty top-heavy pool tonight, with a collection of stars facing off, making it more important to nail those undervalued players.

The latest fantasy basketball news and rumors… 391 more words


The NBA is only slightly more equitable than Zimbabwe

The Gini Coefficient is one of the most commonly used measures of income inequality (and also an awesome band name). A Gini Coefficient is derived by plotting the cumulative percentage of total income along the cumulative percentage of total population in what’s called a Lorenz Curve. 477 more words


Daily fantasy basketball: Lock LeBron into your lineup

We only have three games and thus a limited player pool tonight. This means there are plenty of difficult decisions to make.

Stud of the day… 401 more words


New York Knicks Wish List

This Knicks season is just not going to be our season. We have a chance to be alright, but I just want so many things, and I know only a few of them will probably happen.   509 more words