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Amaretto Sour

You probably don’t need a recipe for this, but pershaps oo neeeeddd one from time t’ time  amma right? Hahahahaha.

Anyway, amaretto sour, pretty simple and delicious, smells of Christmas, but is made nice and punchy and fresh with lemon juice and some sugar syrup, which should keep well for about two months provided you keep it in a sealed bottle in a cool dry place out of the sunlight. 97 more words

Date Night

Slipped Disk

Well this is one of those cocktails that can be described as “everything but the kitchen sink.” The drink actually doesn’t have much of an aroma which starts off very deceiving. 143 more words


She smelled of suntan lotion and amaretto.

Suddenly reminding him, of how much he missed the beach.

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Photo credit- “Disaronno Originale 2” by AndreasArgirakis


Amaretti and Chocolate Torte

We haven’t seen Florence for more than a month for the weekly cell group meeting.  Today, it is her return.  So, I made this intensive chocolate cake mixed with Armaretto and Armaretti to celebrate the reunion.   345 more words


Amaretto and Apricot Loaf

What do you do when you have friends coming over but don’t have enough time to make a fully frosted cake? You make a loaf cake – one that’s meant to be eaten warm and with a cup of strong tea. 391 more words


I Feel Like Everything Makes Sense Now - Nutella and Amaretto Brioche pudding

So Ireland has officially descended into lunacy. It’s the end of August and today the rain was constant, the clouds ever present and quite a considerable freshness in the air. 775 more words


Strawberry Shortcake Cocktail


1/4 cup frozen strawberries, thawed
1 ounce amaretto liqueur
1 cup of strawberry milk
1/2 cup crushed ice


1 tablespoon whipped cream
1 fresh strawberry… 33 more words