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 Amaretto Sour

So who knew there was a National Amaretto Day? As far as I can tell it just ‘applies’ (such as these days ever really apply to anyone) to the USA, but far be it from us to shy away for any reason to celebrate alcohol, especially alcohol as versatile and delicious as Amaretto. 216 more words


Amaretto Day

Sunday Funday calls for a tasty cocktail that’s easy to make, and what better way to celebrate the day than to join it with Amaretto Day? 379 more words

ABC Fine Wine And Spirits

Daily inspiration, baked berries

Baked berries with amaretto, or without if you prefer that, but it’s the berries that makes it = raspberries, blueberries, figs & cloudberries with some plain yogurt on the side plus a dash of milk – try it! 12 more words


Bonet [ gluten free ]

The time has come… to put the What Stands Halfway cake.

To understand all the choices I made in preparing these three different desserts, you should read the tales too, but I’ll try to give you a little explanation so you can get this one. 464 more words


Recipe: Amaretto Brownies

I first created these boozy brownies as a Christmas treat, perfect for a cold winter’s night. Seriously dark chocolate with a touch of christmas cranberry and almond. 246 more words


Tiramisù, Take Two

Ciao ragazze e ragazzi! Had a good Easter, hope you did too, if you were celebrating it.

Just before Easter, I made another version of tiramisù. 138 more words