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The Horse Project That Went Bad

The Horse Project That Went Bad 

During conversations with Adam3 Magic and myself I told him I miss doing the Amaretto breedable horses but that I didn’t want to put out the whole expense of them: land and food to start them again. 927 more words

Second Life

Sweet & Sour: A tale of two liqueurs

This post is all about the ultimate sweet vs sour battle: Melon vs Almond, aka Midori vs Amaretto.

Of course there is ultimately only ever 1 winner this post will share 2 fantastic cocktails for you to decide. 751 more words


Summer Wine Brewing Company Padrino Imperial Affogato Stout 9.0%

Summer Wine Brewing Company Padrino Imperial Affogato Stout 9.0% 330ml

My name is Leigh Rathbone. My beer blogs are live, there is no preparation, there is no reading of other sites, I very rarely read any of the labels, I just blog what I see, smell, tastes, and blog it. 479 more words

Home Beer Review

20th Feb: Amaretto Milkshake

Normally I don’t go near almonds, because I know cyanide when I smell it, so amaretto was never going to be top of my list. But in searching the web for cocktail possibilities, plus using this month as an opportunity to challenge my own preconceptions about how disgusting an almond-flavoured spirit would be, I cam across a recipe for an amaretto milkshake: 48 more words

Venezia tart, quick & sweet

Initial start with the dough and seek these ingredients:

  • 3 eggs
  • 125 g sugar
  • 1 pack vanilla flowered sugar
  • 150 g flour
  • 2 teaspoons baking powder…
  • 111 more words


This week’s drink is one I’ve been dying to make for quite a while. The Razzmatazz cocktail get’s it’s name from the use of the Dekuyper raspberry liqueur of the same name. 89 more words