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Bakewell Flapjack

After my girls left home I struggled to find reasons to bake. The hubby does not have even a slightly sweet tooth, and my total lack of willpower when it comes to sugary heaven meant any baking would be devoured by me and me alone, not really conducive to my seemingly lifelong goal to lose weight! 731 more words


Soft Amaretto Cookies

I made these guys as a gluten free and dairy free option at the cafe I worked at. They were fondly referred to as almond balls. 243 more words


it's hickory in the air...

It’s amaretto coffee, it’s an Arthur Miller play, it’s cranking Mozart, it’s a ride in hay, it’s a cashmere sweater, it’s the Times Book Review, it’s an Ida Red apple, it’s hickory in the air, it’s coffee cake baking, it’s a letter from a friend, it’s a crazy quilt, it’s a country walk, it’s the hills changing color and young Gracie who looks up from where she plays on the floor and asks, “He’s everywhere, Mama?” Smiling, you shake your head yes as sun fills the kitchen, and the cat takes her place in an open cupboard.


Bath Christmas Market Gluhwein

Yes, it’s that time of year again when the promise of Christmas is just around the corner. Literally round the corner, as the Bath Christmas Market sheds are being erected a stones throw from our café. 240 more words

Day In The Life

Recipe Testing NEVER Ends

Each year, around December, I begin making test pies for Christmas and the American Pie Council‘s National Pie Championship. Sometimes they are good, and sometimes, they are complete disasters. 277 more words


Full Harvest Moon

This recipe looks so yummy! I’m not a huge fan of Pumpkin Pie, or Pumpkin Pie Spice, however I LOVE

( Original Recipe & Photo from Fulton’s Harvest )