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Red Odyssey: Phantom Phoenix

The Red Odyssey series is a collection of short stories set in an alternate timeline in which the Cold War between East and West never ended and the situation only worsened.

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Amateur Fiction

Rhodri's Escape

South Wales in the early part of the 20th century and for Rhodri who was about to finish school, adult life in the South Wales valleys seemed to revolve around the coal mines.

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Amateur Fiction

Why I Don't Read Amateur Fiction

I’ve been a writer for as long as I can remember. In second grade we were given lists of words for our spelling homework and I remember using them to write stories for my homework. 407 more words


In Dreams #1: A Stitch

Someone once asked me if I dreamed in color. That was an odd question at the time because I assumed everyone did. As it turns out, most people dream in black and white. 2,067 more words


Micro Fiction

When I get the urge to write, it’s usually in short little bursts. Recently I’ve been having a couple of those little bursts and have decided to call it Micro Fiction. 47 more words

Casual Posting


Jack Nachelson rests his gaze upon the hulls of fat metal slugs, looking for his sense of self. Slowly, cumbersome ships trawl into the harbour with uniform synchronicity – a tugboat in front and another in tow. 926 more words


"Oppenheimer" by Jack Medland-Slater

“XT2034, report of a possible infestation on Thauma Street, West District.”

“Confirmed. Information.”

“Two reported inhabitants, twenty four female, fifty five female, no criminal records, no previous reports of infestation in domicile.” 3,189 more words