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Interlude Commentary

I went back and edited the original blog post, concerning my tiny fiction segment titled “Interlude.” So no one would¬†have to go back and find it themselves, I’m posting the updated commentary I added to the end here. 139 more words



**I had an idea and wasn’t sure how to present it. Wanting to get something out of it, I quickly rushed this little bit. Far from perfect, but the basics as I could get it out at this time. 610 more words


The Perfect Place to Stash a Corpse--Available Now!

Well, blog readers, I have taken a venture down the ultra-classy path of self-publishing with Amazon’s Kindle Direct Publishing program. In other words, my short story,¬† 255 more words

bone dry bones: a near fiction

One minute, I was sleeping peacefully and dreamlessly, almost as if I were a child again. Then the next minute, I was awake and standing. The light was so bright in my eyes that I could hardly see anything at first, and when my vision began to focus I was stunned by what I saw. 755 more words