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Lilt : A Haiku

dreams of easy living

beneath breathing sheets,

wake to drifting families -


Amateur Hour

Acquisition: Unfinished Prose

“I will know you before long,

feel your breath against mine;

past the flat star,

capturing your vision.”

– (Atom – A constellation)

One seizes on themselves in the mirror, fogged by the steam of the shower because they forgot to open the window. 296 more words

Amateur Hour

Embrace the Nerd

After much thought….(well 5 to 10 minutes worth. It felt longer though) I have decided to challenge you, the reader to embrace the nerd side of you today. 191 more words


The Carriage : A Poem

A jilted slow rumble


whispers to the contrary slowly

we are to be free 


Amateur Hour

Pate and chicken?

I have some leftover baguette that hardened along with pate. You guess it, my ingredients for a nice cheese and wine meal were sitting in my fridge. 352 more words


Backwards, recast -

to beauty this way was

this way will be again,

value not the green abyss;

the screaming gods proffer

an empty grandeur, 18 more words

Amateur Hour

Temporary advice for the missing housewife // The broken man's broth

I sleep soundly on a hilltop,

on a hilltop a man sleeps soundly with me

pray my soul catch calmly, fire,

to remember for most winded mornings

the re-birth particulars

Amateur Hour