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Children Shouldn't Play With Dead Things (1972)

directed by benjamin clark

For almost two-thirds of this (very) independent picture’s running time, I couldn’t stand the damn thing, mainly because the main character is completely insufferable, dampening whatever alleged “humor” I was supposed to be getting from the subpar scriptwriting. 273 more words

Winter 2017-18

Home Sweet Home (1981)

directed by nettie peÑa
intercontinental world distributing corp.

Yikes. Given this dreck, your intrepid movie guide is almost inclined to reconsider his grades for some of the other terrible films in this compendium, because this disaster is so awful that it makes duds such as… 251 more words

Winter 2017-18

Amateur Psychologist #2: Conditioning

One of the first things I learned about in psychology were two ways of being conditioned into thinking something: operant and classical conditioning. Crucial steps in forming an unhealthy relationship with a mental illness. 176 more words


Hypothermia (2010)

directed by james felix mckenney
glass eye pix/dark sky films

Featuring the absolute worst creature costume since at least the embarrassing Howard the Duck, this production derails itself by punching above its class, so to speak. 271 more words

Winter 2017-18

Amateur Psychologist #1: The Intro

Strange how I’d rather write something good at first than actually complete a work of fiction. I find that the only thing I can actually complete is poetry and even that is a jumble of structured consciousness. 252 more words


Island of Blood aka Whodunit? (1982)

directed by bill naud
creative film makers/srn

Apparently also known by the terribly baffling title Scared Alive, this is one baffling, terrible piece of filmmaking. 279 more words

Winter 2017-18

Happy Hell Night (1992)

directed by brian owens
pavlina ltd.

The main thing I noticed in this peculiar low-budget pic is that almost all of the actors portraying college students are way too old; along with that factor comes the clumsy nature of the dialogue, somewhat common to B-movies trying to portray “realistic” campus life. 234 more words

Winter 2017-18