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The Carriage : A Poem

A jilted slow rumble


whispers to the contrary slowly

we are to be free 


Amateur Hour

Pate and chicken?

I have some leftover baguette that hardened along with pate. You guess it, my ingredients for a nice cheese and wine meal were sitting in my fridge. 352 more words


Backwards, recast -

to beauty this way was

this way will be again,

value not the green abyss;

the screaming gods proffer

an empty grandeur, 18 more words

Amateur Hour

Temporary advice for the missing housewife // The broken man's broth

I sleep soundly on a hilltop,

on a hilltop a man sleeps soundly with me

pray my soul catch calmly, fire,

to remember for most winded mornings

the re-birth particulars

Amateur Hour

Amateur Hour

So I was laying on my couch as I typically do on my days off, scrolling through Facebook/Instagram when I saw a post about things you have to explain to people who have never worked in kitchens. 523 more words

Update on Amateur Hour (AM) Streams

Howdy all!

I first would like to apologize for the lack of stream on Monday.  After thinking more about what I would like to do with the show I have decided to make some alterations.  143 more words

And Now Just Listen

Sip : A Haiku

Sullen greed’s incline

to the man abides

mind’s caving in

Amateur Hour