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Jacksonville's Jaguar!

If you live in Jacksonville, Fl… you most likely love the Jags.  The zoo has a beautiful exhibit for the jaguars and this big guy was playing with a ball in the water so if the picture seems a bit off it is because it was taken through shoddy glass at least 30 feet away.  10 more words


Def Leppard in Concert!

So a few months ago I took Doll to see Def Leppard which is one of my all time favorite bands ever!  They could never disappoint me! Here is bassist Rick Savage!


Corn Maze Sunflower

I know this one is a little (lot!) late but I have been having all sorts of memory card and camera troubles that it took me a while to track this down.  27 more words


Duran Duran Live in St Augustine!

Taken at the St. Augustine Amphitheater in March!  They were as brilliant as they are supposed to be!!


Then There Is This!

This is the scene out my kitchen window this morning.

What a difference a couple of days make.

They weren’t kidding about the snow and wind!


My Morning Visitor

He’s Back!

This is the cute little jumpy spider that has now visited me two mornings in a row while I am computering.

He is being down right sneaky and friendly. 38 more words


Day 1426 - The Big Day

Okay so the title might be a bit of an exaggeration…

Taken by Simon Greene

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