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My Vlog Is Up!!

Not too sure how I feel about this but I started a YouTube channel for the website so I could discuss things a bit more in depth.  23 more words


Random Rainbow

No rain fell at the house but this lovely rainbow fell from the clouds. 32 more words


The Day My Camera Died. :(

Sunday morning I went to the shed fed and watered Milly, I then watered the garden. It was a cool morning for a change so I thought I would walk up the county road to the intersection with the highway. 361 more words


I Caught My First Catfishes of 2016!

It has been over a month since our last fishing trip to the ponds. The yard was mowed, the garden is weeded and watered so there was nothing stopping us from going. 232 more words


A White Black Widow?

I saw this strange little spider crawling on the swamp cooler yesterday.

Is it a white black widow because it is albino?

Is it white because it just finished molting and has not turned black yet? 46 more words


I Took A Walk Down The County Road

I decided to try to take this short walk a couple of times a week. I walked south down to the little bridge that goes over the creek. 93 more words


Jacksonville's Jaguar!

If you live in Jacksonville, Fl… you most likely love the Jags.  The zoo has a beautiful exhibit for the jaguars and this big guy was playing with a ball in the water so if the picture seems a bit off it is because it was taken through shoddy glass at least 30 feet away.  10 more words