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Frank & the Five Meter Liberation Army (FMLA) Chapter 5

FMLA V — Another Frank?

"What is THIS?," he demanded.  

I am never ready for these visits.  He broke me once on
6M CW, while I was sending at 20, and asked QRQ. 471 more words

Frank & the Five Meter Liberation Army (FMLA) - Chapter 4

FMLA IV — Meeting Frank

I met him at Hardin's.  

That is the electronics place that hosts Fort Worth's 2d
Saturday tailgatefest.  I don't always make it because it has a
lot of resentful old men standing around complaining, and I can
tune that on 75M, but sometime I find something and this time I
was looking in a box of meters when I got a tap on the shoulder: 
"Hello, Bro." someone said. 553 more words

AMSAT-UK Colloquium Talks - Videos being added to YouTube

Videos of the presentations given at the AMSAT-UK International Space Colloquium, which was held as part of the RSGB Convention in Milton Keynes, October 14-15, are being made available on… 96 more words

Daily Updates

Making Waves - 2m Quad

The M0CVO High Gain 4 Element Quad for 2M

The antenna I am now going to describe is one that I designed some time ago. It is a high gain quad beam for 2M (144 – 146 MHz) band. 156 more words

Amateur Radio

Hawaii Prepares for the Annual SET Exercise

The Pacific Section Manager Joe Speroni and the Oregon Section manager, John Core – KX7YT, ARRL Oregon Section Manager, have have been working together for the past few months to form an informal alliance on ARES training. 484 more words

Amateur Radio

Greetings from Colorado

About 2 years have passed since I wrote here. I moved to Colorado Springs, Colorado for work around the beginning of 2016. I am often busy, but I gradually have been getting back on the air. 969 more words

Amateur Radio

CQDX. CQDX. CQDX. Is anybody out there?

Hey good buddy what’s ya twenty?

A’right, I was more a CB guy than a HAM operator. I was part of those dirty little radio rats who played fox-hunts and spent most of our air time asking the ever-repeating question, ‘Who’s on go?” 1,015 more words