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KH1/KH7Z Baker Island DXpedition news

* Topband advice by George, AA7JV
Hello TopBanders –The KH1/KH7Z will be active on 160m from Baker Island from June 27 to July 6 (note that dates are tentative and may change — please visit… 605 more words

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Colloquium 2018 Saturday Gala Dinner

The 2018 AMSAT-UK International Space Colloquium is combined with the RSGB Convention on October 13-14 at the Kent Hills Park Conference Centre in Milton Keynes, MK7 6BZ. 208 more words

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Mmmm... Pi....

If you’ve talked to me at all about computers, you know that I love these things. Or if you read my previous post about DV hotspots in Amateur Radio, you must have noticed that I mentioned a device called a Raspberry Pi. 467 more words

QRO HF Field Radios

QRO is the amateur radio Q-code for “high power.” It’s often used in the context of operators who are running full legal power. For the context of HF field radio operations, QRO is the standard nominal power output of 100 watts that you get with most HF rigs.  281 more words

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VKFF Hunter Award 500 different Parks, 17th June 2018

Thanks to all of the activators who helped make this award possible. It has been a lot of fun chasing those intrepid park activators.

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Field HF Rig Setup

My primary field rig is an SGC SG-2020. This is not necessarily a recommendation, as they have been discontinued for a while now, and are somewhat hard to find used as their owners tend to hold on to them. 566 more words

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Antenna Project – Portable 70cm 7el DL6WU Yagi

Saturday 16 June 2018. The weather around Canberra is cold wet and windy as a deep low, 994 hPa passes over south-east Australia. Today’s top ambient temperature is 9 degrees C while the feels-like is a chilly 2 degrees C. 228 more words