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The Little Bud

Sheathed by the warm embrace

Of numerous fronds;

Away from the heat that could cause a daze

And hemmed in by several bonds.

Safe from the nip of the biting wind… 97 more words

NaBloPoMo - Day 9

Any injuries that occurred from riding

Luckily for me, nothing that has lasted!


Well… accept for the small scar from gravel rash when the horse rolled on me (which I mentioned in an earlier NaBloPoMo). 266 more words

Cross Country

Unwanted Criticism

I don’t know how to make the first sentence of my very first blog post seem interesting, captivating or whatever. However, I can guarantee that what you’re about to read is part of the things I probably won’t ever say to you. 573 more words


a sewing baker with pet sheep

Hi, I’m Laura and I’ve called this blog ‘Miss you on a Monday’ mainly because all the good sewing related puns were taken.  I’m just starting out in learning how to make my own clothes so very much an amateur.   344 more words

The irony of gym heroes

Have you seen

the vastness of men today

Pay attention to

how they fill the room with their overwhelming presence

leaving you crushed

as you impulsively cross your legs and hug yourself… 231 more words


। क्षणभर ।

का कुणास ठाऊक?

आज क्षणभर थांबावसं वाटतं.


हरवलं मन,

पुन्हा शोधावसं वाटतं.


अशांत हे मन,

शांत करावसं वाटतं.


होऊन अपेक्षाशुन्य,

चिंतामुक्त व्हावस वाटतं.


थांबवुन धडपड सारी,

आज स्तब्ध व्हावस वाटतं.


आज जन्म आणि मृत्यु,

अंतर विसरावसं वाटतं.


का कुणास ठाऊक?

थोडसं प्रेम,

आज स्वत:वर करावसं वाटतं.