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Buongiorno a tutti,
ecco il menù per le prossime settimane…finalmente sono arrivati i carciofi!!
a me fanno impazzire, e a voi piacciono?! :)

il Tagliere dell’osteria… 47 more words

Gricia's Beautiful Daughter-Amatriciana

As previously discussed, Gricia is the ancestor of Amatriciana, one of the most famous pasta dishes in the world.  Although I did not include Amatriciana (pronounced Matriciana by Romans) on my list of… 504 more words


The Five Roman Mother Sauces: Part 1-Gricia

My inspiration for writing about food comes from the things that surround me and that I come into contact with every day. It could be a comment of a friend, a picture that someone texts me from Italy, or a conversation I strike with a coworker or restaurant guest-something that opens up a memory and sparks an interest. 752 more words


Molto Buono!

Ever read about a place and decided you have to go there?  Well, that’s how I felt about Osteria Zi’Umberto in the Trastevere neighborhood of Rome. 250 more words


Buonasera amici,

ecco il menù per le prossime settimane:

il Tagliere
la Strafocaccia
il Crostone con mozzarella di Bufala con Acciughe del mar cantabrico
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Kindergarten bento - Strained back (16,17,20,21,24, 28/Nov/17)

Earlier last week I strained my back, possibly due to overstretching at yoga class, or just overworking on my translation assignment in the same sitting position for hours. 188 more words


Kindergarten bento - Autumn colours (12/Sep/17)

Incidentally when I finished packing my daughter’s bento this morning, I realised that the colours of autumn was everywhere. Tangerine, mustard, forest green, burgundy…

Usually, I would have put a bit more green to make it brighter (afterall this is for a small child), but thought that I would keep it as it was, hoping she would get my intension to teach her the subtle expression of a changing season. 20 more words