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Cooking Terms and Techniques

To be  honest with you,when I first started to watch TV shows about food and I hear the chefs say stuff like “Saute” or “Marinate” I  am usually so confused about what they are saying. 317 more words


OUT & BEYOND (Of Chaos & Cosmos)


For thousands of years, demons and angels have been fighting for dominion over the human race – and earth is there battleground.

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My eyes wander when I’m bored. . .

Best Of Both Worlds

Before I get too in depth about my photography, I want to disclose something.  I work a lot to spend A LOOOOOOOT on concerts.  I’m spoiled, love being in front and will pay through the nose for the seats, stand in line for hours for the General Admission shows or a combination of both.  266 more words


I Was In Something! - The Hit

Hello people of the internet, plotdotgif here. Being in university I of course have group projects, and one of those group projects was a short video created with a few fellow bloggers with the intention of creating a non-linear narrative. 308 more words

Let's Go Back, Back To The Beginning...

Everyone has to start somewhere, right? For me it was really horrible pictures taken with my point and shoot, my En-V (remember those?!) or my blackberry, depending on the year. 427 more words