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Art Versus Starvation: Notes on Being Creative and Making a Profit, Preferably at the Same Time

The genesis of this entry was a simple question:

“Ten years from now, what will I most regret not having started today?”

In order to live well as an artist, the art itself is one part of a far larger context called “your life”. 1,260 more words

Film In Florida

Florida is a brilliantly beautiful state!

I toyed with film and my canon this week so here are my results!

Canon Results:

Film: 32 more words

Beki Ponds

The Journey Begins Here!

Hello there to all the readers, my name is PanopticTAGs and I am the new blogger on the block. The majority of you are probably wondering, “Who names themself PanopticTAGs!?” Well let me tell you, that person is me. 190 more words


Hello World! Welcome to Lyla!

I am an amateur author trying to get back in the game after a long absence from my craft. Thus, since I have a week off from work, I thought I would attempt to wright a novel length book in a week. 35 more words


Somnambulate with me
I must,
Through a meadow of purple grass
Green lights in the sky fascinate
Arms outstretched
To touch, to feel, to explore… 54 more words



Look for me in the coves

I reside in wimsone rock

When I become a comber

I’m grit upon the dock


Head Turn

Head turn animation practice.

If you have any advice at all, please let me know.