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I’m rounding a corner at the local kart track when I realize my anniversary is in the next two days. I’m pretty good at just about everything I do but I’m better at some things than others. 2,085 more words


Then, Now, and Beyond

…Sometimes I just don’t know how to cope. It’s like I feel detached from everyone since your death. My therapist tells me that’s normal though. I wish you were here still here with me Dahrma no matter the circumstance you were always able to bring a smile to my face. 2,608 more words


The Quest for Merit

She hates being called beautiful. She tells me there is no merit to something so determined by chance as aesthetics, because she hadn’t earned her smooth skin, or her long blonde hair. 989 more words


Atlas Unbound


My mother never said ‘You’re painting a masterpiece be sure not to let anyone see the brushstrokes.’ but she probably should have. Tonight I had an epiphany, and not some bullshit confirmation or even some sort of salvation that people often misread as an epiphany. 1,235 more words


4.18.15 - Triangle Dresses Photoshoot

4.18.15 – Triangle Dresses

Model: Autumn Winn 

Today was my second official photo shoot and very different from any other photos I have taken of other people. 87 more words


4.8.15 - Abandoned

4.8.15 – Abandoned 

Models: Claire May, Austin McGrew

As Spring Break progressed, my friends and I found ourselves searching for more adventures. We decided to visit an abandoned house in my city that has not been occupied in years. 58 more words


4.5.15 - Lake Fever

4.5.15 – Lake Fever

Models: Sara Bignault, Peyton Cuzzart, Maddie Hamblin

Barren River Lake strays around 45 minutes from my city and is quite the popular attraction. 64 more words