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Track 13 - by Karen Bevan

As the record scratched into action, her eyes immediately searched for the old marble clock on the fireplace. His arm was wound so tightly around her neck that she couldn’t turn her head, and had to strain her eyes to the right to focus on the dusty clock face. 536 more words


Beyond the sorrow

I was soaring through the sky

Feeling the wind in my eye

Hitting me like the sadness when my mother said goodbye

I loved her, I cherished her… 247 more words

Interview with an amateur Photographer

When considering a hobby that involves art consider photography. The University of Florida has great photography classes. For encouragement, I interviewed Savannah Kearney, a 20-year-old Journalism student taking Intro to Photography. 241 more words

Photography Tips

Whether you’re a beginner photographer, experienced, hobbyist, blogger, I wanted to share some of my photography tips with you. These are really simple, nothing professional, just some basic things I like to remember. 786 more words


City Skyline

The city sleeps.

The city slumbers.

It is tired from the boisterous honks of the cars that traverse its veins.

The city remembers.

The city reminisces. 73 more words

Cooking Terms and Techniques

To be  honest with you,when I first started to watch TV shows about food and I hear the chefs say stuff like “Saute” or “Marinate” I  am usually so confused about what they are saying. 317 more words