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Only Once

I will never forget
that smile;
when you said
“This is our life,
the only one we’ve got”

While we laid under the moon,
I counted the stars… 26 more words



Thank you.

Thank you for the moments we shared, those beautiful moments that gave me life.

Thank you for rekindling the fire inside me.

Thank you for holding me the way I needed to be held. 61 more words


Baby, don’t be a hypocrite

You and I know your worth

Maybe you like playing unfair like this

Scheming away in the dirt

Baby, you’re a walking contradictory… 154 more words



Just breathe, they’ll say
Like that’s all it is,
an insignificant moment of life;
one that comes so easily
so effortlessly

Just breathe,
you’d say; 10 more words


Hold On

I will hold on
during the darkest times,
when you can’t breathe,
when your heart is on fire,
when you feel like it’s over;
I will hold on
to you


LPM: Part Three

For readers 18+

Aubrey woke up in his own bed. Was it all a dream? He heard movement in the flat. That’s odd, he still didn’t have a flat mate. 1,295 more words