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Serially Lost

My favourite Transformer toy Pyro, I loved him! his subtle transparency, all the guns with “real bullets”, the scope of the larger universe he was apart of. 462 more words

Animal Fest

I thought I would share with you some photos of the dogs we dog sat awhile ago.This one, is Bear, a sack of potatoes with energy up the wazoo. 142 more words



Vita, Vita

Flower eater

What mouth could be sweeter?

Vita, Vita

Lovely creature

To refute you they are eager

Vita, Vita

Those pipe dreamers-

Tame them with your whisper… 11 more words


brain chatter 23.0

But how do you delete a number that you know by heart?



And my fingers have no holding back as they skim over your skin,
My lips can’t resist as I kiss your weakness under your chin. 226 more words



As I lay down on my bed I can’t help but think,
That the life I’ve lived is a beautiful thing.
I’ve loved and cried and felt pure joy, 67 more words