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Wide awake, Daniel paced aimlessly along the meandering alley ways of Tullbury. Only the sombre glow, and the smell of a cigarette accompanied him. As he mulled over thoughts of his daughter. 107 more words

Being happy

“They always say time changes things, but you actually have to change them yourself” Andy Warhol

Post last blog I received a number of messages from different people about what was wrong with their lives and asking “How do I change my life?”, “How do I change myself” or “How do I become who I want to be”. 474 more words

Time, Problems, and Perception


I suppose I should write something at least annually.

All kidding aside, it really has been far too long since I wrote anything.

Anything. 566 more words


Track 13 - by Karen Bevan

As the record scratched into action, her eyes immediately searched for the old marble clock on the fireplace. His arm was wound so tightly around her neck that she couldn’t turn her head, and had to strain her eyes to the right to focus on the dusty clock face. 536 more words


Beyond the sorrow

I was soaring through the sky

Feeling the wind in my eye

Hitting me like the sadness when my mother said goodbye

I loved her, I cherished her… 247 more words

Breakfast Befuddlement

To continue our discussion last post, I was recently travelling interstate between Oregon and California and wanted to take note of what my partner and I ate while on the road. 419 more words