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Turkey Patty Melt Sandwiches With Homemade Cajun Fries

One thing anyone can tell you about what they like to eat at anytime is a good sandwich and perfectly crispy fries. Some of us think that going through a restaurant drive through window or making them yourself bathing in a pot of hot oil and all of that is good and all but that isn’t good for you and there are better ways to make a good old sandwich and great fries. 284 more words


Delicious Lemon Bars!

When it comes to desserts, even the healthiest of us can be appealed by something small and something with a tarty citrus flare to it, for me that is lemon bars, a tasty treat that I always enjoy in the middle of the winter or the dead of summer and they are completely easy to make, even if your baking skills aren’t what you would like them to be! 161 more words


Authentic Homemade Gyros with A Basil Pesto Pasta Salad

Living in Chicago, one of the things I love even more then Chicago style pizza is Chicago Style gyros, but sometimes don’t have the time to make the trip or the money for quality restaurant Mediterranean food, so today we’ll go over a fairly simple recipe I came up to enjoy this style of food without paying too much money. 404 more words



From last year’s trip to Yosemite. This was my favorite shot. I swear he was posing for me.


My first time

They say that first impressions always last and that is true. That is why writing my first blog post is both exciting and intimidating. Exciting because just like many millennials, I have thought of starting to write a blog for at least 5 years but have no idea where to start and how to start. 353 more words


06/06/2017 - Unedited

From this position, Jermichael could feel the freezing wind upon his face, forcing him to squint as he gazed out onto the snow covered street. For a while, nothing happened, only a lone figure sitting out in the cold, but eventually, another figure emerged from another darkened place on the opposite side from where the first had come from. 393 more words

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06/03/17 - Unedited

Author Note: I was rather depressed the past few days and couldn’t write. Trying to get back on the horse now.

Further down the street, a little more than a hundred yards away, a figure slid quietly from the darkness of an alleyway, footfalls muffled in the snow. 400 more words

Daily Page