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brain chatter 7.0

I was sinking. But that’s the thing about drowning: it’s silent. It’s quick. No one can hear you fight for yor life. Just like that, suddenly, you’ve drowned.


brain chatter 6.0

All this time I was so busy guarding my own heart that I ended up breaking yours.


brain chatter 5.0

I put everything on the line for you in the hopes that you would too.


Richmond Town FC hopes to score with council cash

Richmond Town’s footballers will be keeping their fingers crossed later this week as councillors consider their request for more than £8K to buy a range of maintenance equipment for the club’s new playing fields. 428 more words


brain chatter 2.0

I didn’t want him. I didn’t want anybody. Truthfully I knew that I’d always break their heart. I knew I was being unfair; I let him feel the way he did and I didn’t tell him the truth. 160 more words


brain chatter 1.0

I destroy practically everyone I get close to.

I destroy practically everything I touch.


Tales From The Heart (Part I) : Unconditionally

Unconditionally by Emmanuel Yogan Lourdes

Conflicted and confused, twisted inside
My heart boils, trashing and heaving
Against the broken vessel of my body,
Never have I felt such anguish and despair, 202 more words