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I Wrote Some Shitty Haikus: Pt. 2

Shrill screaming inside

Sweet lovers dancing outside

Fuck it, scream out loud.

Sweet Sunday morning

light bouncing off my eyelids

It’s death or coffee.

Moving and shaking… 12 more words

In the Looking. 

I was just such an unhappy person for so long. I searched for meaning and purpose. It’s easy to find satisfaction in unimportant things, but those things fade away, and so does the peace. 100 more words


Day tripping in the zoo

Good morning

Hope all is well. Woke up and realised I’ve yet to post a photo from Tuesday and all the wonderful colours I saw and energy that I felt. 102 more words

You And I

Everything is so clear,
You, Me and our fear.
Words are deemed unnecessary,
And mime is satisfactory.
Sometimes you lead,
While I bleed.
Other times I take your hand… 174 more words



She was trapped,
Trapped by her choices,
Trapped by her inner voices.
Not regret certainly but just a slight pang,
Made her rethink those days… 111 more words



Here are some extra photos of pups we sat for. They had no control, but they were adorable.