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Confessions of an Amateur

Nearly all my life I have worked, sweated, and bled over someone else’s idea of success. I’ve sacrificed things that I love and admire because I was told ‘I couldn’t possibly find fulfillment there’. 708 more words


Day 2: Rad in the Village.

We always seek things that we don’t have. May be we are destined to have them but don’t have them.Yet.

They just become a beautiful part of our lives. 74 more words

Writing Prompt #1

Dear boys and girls. This is a writing prompt topic from Reddit. Spotivity will be giving a few of these a try throughout the year of 2018. 571 more words


I Procrastinate so Hard

Boys and girls, I have a story to tell you. If you want to read it, do not, I REPEAT, do not exit from this page. 624 more words


Winter in Paris

Here are a collection of photographs taken from numerous places in Paris including La Defense, Opera and Bastille. As you can see, December brought lots of blue skies but also freezing cold temperatures. 22 more words

Another day another shoot.

And i’m back at it again with another amateurish shoot for an event.

This time for a music school’s year end concert
(Check them out : … 74 more words