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I Was In Something! - The Hit

Hello people of the internet, plotdotgif here. Being in university I of course have group projects, and one of those group projects was a short video created with a few fellow bloggers with the intention of creating a non-linear narrative. 308 more words

Let's Go Back, Back To The Beginning...

Everyone has to start somewhere, right? For me it was really horrible pictures taken with my point and shoot, my En-V (remember those?!) or my blackberry, depending on the year. 427 more words



My Dad has had this clock since I was a baby. 27 years. That is so long and it still together and working-even though it has fallen once before, haha.



I absolutely adore the written word (as I’m sure a number of you have gathered,) but as a high school/community college dropout I never gave myself the opportunity to properly learn them in my youth. 139 more words



If you worked for a church, but aren’t religious/a churchgoer and they tell you in order to keep your job you have to be a regular attending churchgoer, what would you think of that?