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Watch what you bow down to!

It seems strange that we would bow down to other gods, which are not other gods because there is only One true God and He has shown Himself in His Son, Jesus Christ. 358 more words

Morning Thought With Pastor Tim


Once upon a time, there was a prophet named Amos.  He baked some cookies, and then he got famous.

O.k. fine, the idiocy of that joke is indicative of how hard it’s been for me to start writing this review even though I finished reading Amos over a week ago.  2,501 more words

Can a Person be a God-Pleaser and a People-Pleaser? Lessons from the Prophet Amos

I must make a confession. I am naturally a people pleaser. I do not like controversy. I do not like when people are in conflict. I am by nature a peaceful person. 791 more words


Zech 13:4-5


(4) The temptation to be a false prophet will no longer exist in that day. As Jeremiah had predicted, a person would be ashamed to do such a thing (Jer 2:26). 159 more words

Jeff Scoggins

The death of King Joash (2 Chr 24:25-24:27)

“When the Arameans had withdrawn, leaving King Joash severely wounded, his servants conspired against him because of the blood of the son of the priest Jehoiada. 300 more words

Amos 7: Who Is the Authority?

First of all, Merry Christmas! I don’t particularly have a Christmas message for you today, but I hope that you have a great day and remember what Christmas is all about. 327 more words


Events of the 790s BC part 2 - The Kingdom of Judah

The time has come to talk about the ancient kingdom of Judah and what better way to do so than to tell you the story of Amaziah and the 10,000 mercenaries? 265 more words

Neo-Assyrian Empire