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010 - Amazing Fantasy v1 #015: Spider-Man

Writer – Stan Lee                                                                                Artist – Steve Ditko

Inker – Steve Ditko                                                                  Colourist – Andy Yanchus

Letterer – Artie Simek                                                                    Cover art– Jack Kirby, Steve Ditko… 877 more words


Thoughts On… Amazing Fantasy #15

If I had to choose a favourite fictional character, it would Peter Parker/Spider-man. No matter what tragedy beholds the character, he always manages to pull through and do the right thing. 282 more words

Marko Sambol

Throwback Thursday: Amazing Fantasy: Introducing Carlos Danger (NSFW)

Over the past week my post from 2013 has become among the 10 most read posts in this blog. The main reason is because former congressman and New York mayoral candidate Anthony Weiner has jumped back in the news. 834 more words


Piñata: Unicorn on a bike

My wee friend Ava asked for a mermaid on a bike and my brain changed that to a unicorn on a bike.I made it very quickly, out of cardboard I had laying around, pink tissue paper, Elmers and iridescent wrapping paper. Magical as Hell!


Amazing Adult Fantasy 7, 1961

Amazing Adult Fantasy no.7, Dec 1961 from Marvel. The magazine that would spawn Spider-Man reformatted from the typical atomic monster run of Amazing Adventures with this issue, the first to be rebranded as “Adult” and “the magazine that respects your intelligence”. 262 more words

"Yesterday's" Comic> Amazing Fantasy #16

What’s that, you say? Amazing Fantasy ended at #15, the debut of Spider-Man? You’re right, but in 1995 a three-issue miniseries, referred to as issues #16-18, bridged the gap between  522 more words

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