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That’s Right – STAN FRICKIN’ LEE my friends! – I Really Want This!

Ask either of my boys (7 &11) who the coolest person living on this planet is, and the answer might surprise you. It isn’t an athlete, movie star, or world leader… although he does go by the moniker of “King Of Cameos” in movies, but has never been the star – Yep, that’s right – Stan Frickin’ Lee – the creator of almost every character Marvel hold near and profitably dear to its corporate Disney heart. 229 more words


Amazing Fantasy #15: With great guilt comes great motivation

Something the early original stories of 60s Marvel superheros struggle with is illustrating appropriate motivation for their heroes to becomes heroes in the first place. After all, any meta-human, or person/entity with special powers, is just as much a risk for a life of crime. 339 more words


Holding Steve Ditko’s Original Art To Amazing Fantasy #15 In My Hands – The Library of Congress’ EPIC Comics Collection

Originally published on Bleeding Cool

In retrospect, it should have been obvious that the Library of Congress would have one of the greatest comics collections in the world, but for some reason I never thought “comics” when I thought of the U.S.’ national library. 1,667 more words

Doing Whatever a Spider Can...

It’s June 5th and time to swing through the streets of New York, trusting that our Spidey-senses won’t miss those giant billboards in Time Square. That’s right… On this day in 1962, everyone’s favorite teenage-angst filled superhero, Spider-Man, was published. 724 more words

Amazing Spider-Man #1.1 Review

Dan Slott continues his reboot of the Amazing Spider-Man by giving newbies of the franchise a refresher on the origin of the iconic mantra: “With great power, comes great responsibility.” 159 more words


Amazing Fantasy

This is a still photo for the commercial I am making for the comic book store Amazing Fantasy in the Chicago area. My original concept for the child hero is based off of Jeff Lemire’s character from Essex County. 40 more words