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The Tea Party (review)

Tea Time! What to do after having bubbly on the beach? Afternoon tea! Also a must for me when I’m in England. My friend knew this cosy place called… 20 more words

Tesco haul (and some Sainsbury's)

The compulsory Tesco haul – when in Rome (/UK). And btw, Tescos finest Belgian Triple Chocolate Cookies (right) are….the best. No further explanation needed :)

Bacio  <3

23: wellcome back to la cucina all'aperto

The ingredients we bought on the market in Cherasco turned into quite a nice dinner. Almost enjoying camping…at least some parts of it :)

Bacio  <3

26: Osteria dei Càtari (review)

Favourite dish in favourite restaurant with favourite company. Low res mobile pic, ups, however I really wanted to share this restaurant – go if you ever visit Monforte! 50 more words

27: favourite souvenirs

My favourite souvenirs are things that can be worn, eaten, given away, or used for decoration in the house. The hazelnuts can be  a m a z i n g  if you find the right ones! 17 more words

30: eat, sleep, and exercise

There are some really nice paths in the area around Barolo and La Morra, and I would love to back when the temperature is slightly cooler than in mid-July. 30 more words

32: Osteria More e Macine (review)

Simple and authentic (I think), delicious and nice atmosphere! They have an outdoor dining space, super relaxed and nice with the open air above you. Well worth a try if ever in La Morra! 6 more words