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Brownie (Negresa)

An easy and quick to make dessert has made my friends to love it and to ask for it every time we get together. This is for sure our all time favorite! 333 more words


Foodie Friday

Happy Friday Friends!!

It’s been a great couple of days with my family in town – especially because of the awesome food! While I have been sticking to the posted dietary routine as best as possible, I definitely used up one of my ‘cheat meals’ the other night. 100 more words

Daily Thoughts

Lovers along side of limoncello

Lovers along side of limoncello..

Every now and then you have a relaxing dinner with fine drinks, fine wine.. fine food.. and fine dessert. I am not much of a ‘food picture taker,’ though I am a bit of a foodie.. 77 more words


Black Forest

I don’t even like black forest but this cake is so perfect I had to eat an entire croissant while writing this post. For those of you who don’t know, a back forest cake (or gateau if you’re British) consist of dark chocolate cake, kirsch, cherries, and whipped cream. 32 more words


JalapeƱo and corn dip delight

Everyone who reads my blog will have seen that each week I have a movie night and typically the food that accompanies this night is naughty, comforting, tasty and did I say naughty? 153 more words


Amazing Arancini

I have made Arancini before but this was something different, amazing!

Arancini can be a little time intensive and so to make it feel a little less time consuming I preped the sauce and rice first and when we were ready to eat, it was just a matter of frying the balls. 216 more words


Chocolate Flowers

So I don’t know exactly who made these crazy amazing chocolate flowers; but I know that it’s someone from Savour school and that you can learn to make them (provided you live in Australia and are very rich). 52 more words