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Rainy Trip to Old Town, San Diego, CA

I ended up sick in bed, out for the count, the Monday after Christmas, so this post kept getting delayed. There were visitors in the house over Christmas so I had much to do to get the place ready and things felt too hectic to attempt to write this before Christmas….then there was the post clean up and then….- – – \________ Hope everyone had a wonderful holiday season. 826 more words


Balboa Park December Nights....Nativity Scenes!

Ok…last Balboa Park December Nights post :)

These are photos of the Nativity Scenes, set up at the Organ Pavilion at the park, maintained by the Community Christmas Committee. 73 more words


Balboa Park December Nights....Poinsettia Display!

Ok….December Nights post 4!

The Botanical Building had its 29th annual Poinsettia Display. It was beautiful. Here’s some photos I took. Hope you enjoy them!


Balboa Park December Nights....Evergreen Tree display!

The San Diego Floral Association had a display, in the Casa del Prado room 101, of 30 decorated trees and 10 artistic floral arrangements. These displays were to celebrate eras or events since the 1915 Panama California Exposition. 275 more words


Balboa Park December Nights....the daytime!

Ok…part two Balboa Park December Nights.

The park was filled with performances from noon until the closing time close to 12:00. I was only there until 5:30. 534 more words


Balboa Park December Nights ...the lights!

On Dec. 5, and Dec. 6, Balboa park held their 38th annual December Nights celebration. It started at 3 on Friday and noon on Sat. I first read about it while visiting San Diego in 2003. 349 more words