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The Mysteries of the World's Top 10 No Entry Zones

There are many mysteries on Earth. The 10 forbidden areas in the world are still unknown as to why they exist and how they were built. 1,302 more words

Area 51

Magical Moment #3 - Birthday Fairy Godmother

This was an absolutely beautiful moment, and reminded me 150% that there IS good in the world!

I was at work, at the till, ringing people through as I normally do. 481 more words


​কৃপণ কারুণ 

কৃপণ কারুণ

তোমরা হয়তো জানো মাটির নিচে সোনা, রূপা, হীরা, মণি-মাণিক্যের খনি এবং সমুদ্রের নিচে ইয়াকুত, জমরদ, প্রবাল ও মুক্তা অনেক আছে। তোমরা শুনে আশ্চর্য হবে যে, এই সবই আগে একজন মাত্র লোকের সম্পত্তি ছিলো। 20 more words

Amazing Story

​সাদ্দাতের বেহেস্ত - একটি  আসাধারন গল্প 

সাদ্দাতের বেহেস্ত

অনেক আগের কথা। আরব দেশে সাদ নামে একটি বংশ ছিলো। এই বংশের লোকদের চেহারা ছিলো যেমন খুব লম্বা এবং চওড়া, গায়েও তেমনি ভীষণ শক্তি। 39 more words

Amazing Story

"Look at Baby Jesus. He's Just Like Us!"

Every Advent, our church in Pittsburgh held an outreach for the children and families in the city to explain the real meaning of Christmas. Up to 7,000 children and adults came each year during the four days we called “The Joy of Sharing Christmas.” Tour guides led groups of 25-35 through a series of rooms where live actors in costume would interact with the children, sharing REAL Christmas story. 371 more words

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My Review on: Christmas at Rosie Hopkins's Sweetshop book 2

Christmas at Rosie Hopkins’s Sweetshop

Date of book published: November 7th 2013
Author: Jenny Colgan
Format: paperback
My Rating: 6/10 stars just because the 1st book was better but i still loved reading this book and i can’t wait to read the 3rd book… 175 more words

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My Review on: welcome to Rosie Hopkins's Sweetshop of dreams book 1

welcome to Rosie Hopkins’s Sweetshop of dreams

Date of book published: March 28th 2012
Author: Jenny Colgan
Format: paperback
My Rating: 10/10

Its about a girl called Rosie Hopkins and her Rosie has to go and sort her Aunt Lilian and her aunts sweetshop in a small county village which she thinks is going to be dull.. 142 more words

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