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9/11 Gander Story : Welcoming with open arms...gratitude !

This inspiring story that came my way on WhatsApp touched me immensely. I did some research before blogging for eternity, by borrowing relevant photographs from the web. 2,004 more words


Ugly Love

Sifting through my bookshelf today, one special cover caught my eye and I instantly knew it was the one I wanted to do my review on. 310 more words

Book Lovers

Deemo Review

Developer: Rayark Inc.
Release Date: 13-11-2013
Review Date: 25-01-2016
Platforms: iOS, Android
Review Version: 2.2

This review will spoil the entirety of Deemo and Deemo: Last Recital, please leave if you don’t want to get spoiled. 640 more words

WIP - Undra Min

Another piece I’ve been working on bit bit bit for a while, personal project of extreme fangirling.

Last year I read Larissa Brown’s “Beautiful Wreck,” an amazing viking time travel romance (no, really) and I. 103 more words

It Really is a Small World . . . An Amazing Story!

April 1978

Rustling…….Whispering……… I awake from a deep sleep and focus on 3 dark figures in the night, but I’m not alarmed because this scenario is becoming all too frequent. 773 more words

My Life

The Dreamless World

Once upon a time, there lived a boy who was about 20 years old. He lived in a town of Paris with his parents and his younger sister. 1,196 more words


An amazing story emerging: US military revolt against Obama’s decision to support Al Qaeda in Syria.


A military revolt against the plan of the Obama administration to launch a potentially disastrous attack against Syria is gathering pace, with two senior officers and members of scheduled services who express their vehement opposition to what the United States s ‘entangled in the conflict. 483 more words

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