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Throwback by Zeia Jameson


 Jeremy’s goals were to work hard, be successful and make his mother proud. 

Livy’s goals were to separate herself from her past and keep people at a distance.  245 more words


A play on words

I love words and i’m sure most people play about with them.

We all say things that are meaningful so we think to others.

Sadly that’s not always the case. 31 more words



I hope I will not ramble, but I have a message I want to share that truly is personal.  Although it is personal, I believe the majority that will read it will relate to it and might say, that is me! 1,557 more words


Album Review: Blank Realm - Illegals In Heaven

Today was hard. Real hard. Top 5 hardest days of my life. After twenty minutes of trying to find my Mission of Burma record, I decided to go through and re-organise my record collection. 1,001 more words

Album Review

In The Amazing Quality Stearns Puddle Jumper Cancun Series Shark

The development of modern financial history from the perspective, a series of thrilling modern financial market history to repeat in the same narrow street, prosperity and bust cycle, carnival and periodic pains ups and downs of financial institutions are constantly warned the financial sector: It is now not able to find a way to solve the problem, even the crux of the problem and the key there are differences. 265 more words