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EXO-Call me Baby MV

I’m smiling like an idiot and crying at the same time. EXO’s new MV is finally here and its more beautiful than I ever imagined. 58 more words


Kind of Love

The kind of love that makes you love every ounce of his being, every edge of his skin, every curve of his laugh, every corner of his personality, every speck of his mind, every piece of his warmth, every particle of his words and every space of his ambition, love it so much you want to be him. 88 more words

God’s Amazing Grace

For by such grace you have been saved through faith. This does not come from you; it is the gift of God Ephesians 2:8
We turned our backs on God in the Garden of Eden. 158 more words

Asher's Favorite Paintings (Mondays)

Hello again, my wonderful audience! It’s Monday again, and time for me to add 2 new paintings to my list. I really hope that you guys enjoy these entries, and be sure to tell me what you think in the comments section below. 244 more words


Aveeno is such a skin saver i will never again use any other cream.

Over the past month maybe more I have suffered with terrible eczema all over my face my skin was swelled up and sore with redness and cuts from how dry my skin was, my skin was flaking off everyday and i was slowly covering my face up more and more everyday with wooly hats and scarfs and my coats I could feel the burn of peoples eyes on my skin wondering why my face was peeling and flaking off  before their eyes, I have a very supportive family and fiance so they ensured me that nobody was looking at me which I know is said to make me feel better but when a man in a local shop, the server in fact says your skin looks red and sore today i know people are looking they are going to its my face my main feature. 442 more words


This afternoon, I was magically introduced to the new Cinderella film which hit our cinema screens last Friday.

And OH-MY-GOD (Janice from friends reference there..) I need to go see it again. 330 more words