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Living in the Caribbean 🌴☀️

So a huge perk of living in the Caribbean are the beaches and I’m on the beach most of the time. I love taking in the Vitamin D and the sea salt. 26 more words

An 86-year-old lady gave Google such an unusual request that the company decided to answer her personally

Our grandmothers are, by and large, wonderful people who we cannot help but adore. But when your granny turns out to be using good manners even when she’s using the Internet, it’s enough to melt your heart. 188 more words

This Delhi’s Restaurant DOESN’T Believe In Giving Leftovers To Poor

Leftover food turned out to be a grave concern and many NGOs pledged to take this initiative wholeheartedly. Many philanthropists also chipped in their efforts and money so that the poor sections of the society get access to food, a basic necessity of life. 279 more words

Black Mirror

Have any of you seen the tv-series Black Mirror? If you haven’t I truly recommend it. It’s about the dangers of the future, and the dangers of future technology. 46 more words


Seven Ways to Start a Business Without Quitting Your Job

The wisdom in starting your business small but smart

In my book, Before You Quit Your Job, I share how I felt on the day I quit my job to become a full-time entrepreneur: 1,242 more words