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Using the Amazon API

Hi again,

Sorry it’s been a while, holidays, tests and homework clogging up a lot of time recently. I decided to do a post today about an API I’ve been working with recently, the Amazon Advertising API. 836 more words


Amazon doesn't give out the tracking numbers on orders that are Merchant Fulfilled

I’ve had to do some research to confirm that Amazon doesn’t give out the tracking numbers on orders that are Merchant Fulfilled.   I’m guessing this is not done because we as the merchant are shipping the order so there would be no need to make that information available back to us.  87 more words

How to manage Amazon Machine Images with the .NET Amazon SDK Part 1: starting an image instance

If you have an access to Amazon Web Services (AWS) EC2 then you can manage Amazon Machine Images (AMI) in the cloud using this screen: 2,098 more words


AutoScaling With ELB on EC2

This Howto Explain how to autoscale EC2 instance in case one instance goes down, the other will be on a point where last AMI is created. 400 more words


Integrasi WordPress API dengan Amazon API #3

Resource yang saya gunakan dalam pembahasan tentang integrasi WordPress API dengan Amazon API kali ini saya gunakan dari Accessing Amazon Product Advertising API beberapa function saya modify di sesuaikan dengan kebutuhan dalam proses intergasi kali ini. 754 more words


Integrasi Wordpress API dengan Amazon API #2

Lanjut gan.. Buat yang langsung mampir kesini silahkan baca dulu postingan sebelumnya. nanti gak nyambung.. :D Di postingan sebelumnya kita udah buat function-function di dalam file functions.php yang ada di folder themes. 790 more words