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We have all been bombarded with new AWS features since the re:Invent last month. Yet there are those I like better and here is why

Amazon AWS

Another cool leverage of AWS S3 service, this time for Amazon SQS

“…Amazon Simple Queue Service (SQS) now has an Extended Client Library that enables you to send and receive messages with payloads up to 2GB. 39 more words

Amazon AWS

Minimal rsync process for multinode web cluster

install rsync pkg if not installed on every node

yum install rsync

choose a “master node” to take code from, in our example we name it node1 and the others node2,3,4 etc… 108 more words


Raise file access limit on Amazon AMI

vi /etc/security/limits.conf

and add the following lines (or modify if existent)

* soft nofile 65000
* hard nofile 65000


DevOps versus NoOps and the future of PaaS

We’ve been working with dozens of customers who come up to us with unique problems: and we often help them in unique and effective ways whether it has to do with building a platform or migrating applications to the cloud. 668 more words

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AWS at a Glance

AWS Overview

AWS offers a broad set of services that help you move faster, lower your costs, and scale your applications. The following documentation provides a high-level overview of the concepts that you should understand before you get started with AWS. 878 more words

Amazon AWS

This is kind of humorous. At Amazon’s AWS re:Invent conference in Las Vegas last week, Amazon Web Services Vice President of Infrastructure Jerry Hunter accidentally showed a generic picture of one of Google’s data centers. 177 more words