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AWS Cloudformation Diagramming Shortcut

A quick little shortcut if you want a visualization of your Cloudformation stack…

  1. Log into the AWS console and go to Cloudformation.
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The top five most-valued companies are Tech. - almost

On this first day of August 2016, I saw that the top most-valued companies are tech. companies, and the fifth one is almost there. Here is the list. 263 more words

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Restart Amazon AWS EC2 instance from PowerShell

In this post i will show you how can we restart a windows ec2 instance by using powershell.

1. Go to your account, select Security Credentials and create an AWS access key and secret key. 64 more words

Amzon Ec2 Reboot Powershell

Amazon Simple Notification Service (SNS)

Amazon has packed a box full of services and covered nearly every aspect in making cloud a smooth experience for developers to put up exceedingly operational and structurally complex applications on AWS. 1,047 more words

Optimize your spend on AWS through Reserved Instances

Over the last few years Amazon has gradually raised its compute capacity and provided the user with a set of advanced analytical and structural services. For each service, you can expand precisely for the amount of resources you actually need and shall pay for each resource usage at the end of each month. 829 more words

Cloud Security is serious business

“Biggest threat to a system’s security is virtually always the people using the system.”. It is imperative to empower people with tools that secures and traces cloud transactions. 1,817 more words