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AWS VPC Networking - discussing all type of VPC network "GATEWAYS" (part 1)

I was discussing AWS VPC networking and how network traffic come in/out to a VPC from different destinations with my team. Then later I though – lets put it on my blog – this will help others as well. 756 more words

VPC Networking

Microsoft buys GitHub for $7.5B

This morning Microsoft announced the acquisition of Github for $7.5B. Why this makes immense sense? There are three main angles here: winning developers mindset and loyalty, pushing them closer to adopting Azure cloud at runtime, and a skills hookup with LinkedIn, another Microsoft acquisition from last year. 494 more words

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AWS Machine Step by step


  1. Set the correct Time zone
    • OS: timedatectl set-timezone Asia/Taipei
    • PostgreSQL: ALTER DATABASE “AutoTrading” SET timezone TO ‘Asia/Taipei’;

Ubuntu change Timezone


另一個方法是用 timedatectl,使用前先用以下指令取得 Timezone 列表:

# timedatectl list-timezones
 但 Timezone 列表十分長, 用 grep 過濾會較方便, 以下只會印出亞洲區的時區:
timedatectl list-timezones | grep Asia
 找到要設定的時區後, 便可以設定:
 # timedatectl set-timezone Asia/Hong_Kong… 6 more words

AWS Online Conference - May 31,2018


Amazon Web Services for AWSome Day Online Conference, a free, online training event that will provide you a step-by-step introduction to the core AWS services for compute, storage, database and networking. 49 more words

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[Achievement Unlocked] AWS Certified SAA and DA in 1 day - Exam Preparation

Last Thursday, I took my Amazon Web Services (AWS) Certification exam for the Solutions Architect-Associate (CSAA – old) and Developer-Associate (DA).

YES! Two exams in 1 day and passed both ( 601 more words


Amazon EFS benchmarks

The Amazon Elastic File System (EFS) is a very intriguing storage product. It provides simple, scalable, elastic file storage for use on an EC2 virtual machine. 929 more words