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Metasploit+Amazon SES, or debugging Sendmail's SMTP Authentication

TL;DR: Debugging Sendmail’s SMTP AUTH option is not well documented. I integrated Metasploit Pro with Amazon’s SES/Sendmail, and this describes the debug process I used.

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The Inevitable Demise of IBM SoftLayer by AWS


There are many types of cloud providers, public vs private, cheap vs expensive. You can read my article on which provider to pick and when… 858 more words


Chaos Engineering

This phrase is new and it originated at Netflix back in 2010. I was listening to Nora Jones, a Netflix engineer at the AWS re-Invent conference few weeks back, where she talked about this. 504 more words

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Introducing S3Guard: S3 Consistency for Apache Hadoop

This article introduces a new Apache Hadoop feature called S3Guard. S3Guard addresses one of the major challenges with running Hadoop on Amazon’s Simple Storage Service (S3), eventual consistency. 1,123 more words


Big Data & Analytics - what's ahead?

Recently I read somewhere this statement – As we end 2017 and look ahead to 2018, topics that are top of mind for data professionals are the growing range of data management mandates, including the EU’s new General Data Protection Regulation that is directed at personal data and privacy, the growing role of artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning in enterprise applications, the need for better security in light of the onslaught of hacking cases, and the ability to leverage the expanding Internet of Things. 402 more words

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AWS re:Invent 2017

In a few decades when the history of computing will be written, a major section will be devoted to cloud computing. The headline of the first section would read something like this –  752 more words

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That was an 'Uber' Data Breach...!

57 million users data leaked by Uber.


That’s a lot of people.

The uber breach came to light in November 2017 following a blog post… 330 more words

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