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Trusted SSL Certs in a hurry

I had an interesting issue today. My boss was about to give a presentation of our new web application at a sales conference. Long story short I needed to have an SSL certificate added to one of our servers in the next couple of hours. 785 more words

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Three years in style..

The idea for Qruize was born intuitively, when our co-founders identified the need for a research-oriented approach to software engineering and new age technology adoption. In the span of our eventful journey, this core idea, seeded into our ethos, has germinated, and has branched into new business lines and product launches. 420 more words


AWS Device Farm allows developers to test Android and Fire OS apps on real devices

If you’ve ever tried to developed a mobile app or website you probably know how frustrating it can be to think what you made is ready to go, only to take it for a spin on a new device in a new environment and find that something is broken. 392 more words

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Disaster Recovery in just $200? Watch this "On-Premise DR, assisted by Amazon AWS" session

I think this one is a “Watch ASAP” for Enterprise IT Professionals who are looking for ways to cut on the time and effort spent on their On-Premise DR (Disaster Recovery) project, and are open to use Amazon AWS for that purpose. 101 more words

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Crazy Idea: Duolc, StretchOS and what Gazzilion Apps Really want [!OpenStack]

Yes, I am a DevOps, Big Data, Security kind of guy and I use Amazon AWS, Microsoft Azure and OpenStack, as well as other smaller players. 331 more words

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Using Amazon Machine Learning to Predict the Weather

Amazon recently launched their Machine Learning service, so I thought I’d take it for a spin. Machine Learning (ML) is all about predicting future data based on patterns in existing data. 3,447 more words


Hosting Kali in the Cloud - Catch those Reverse Shells where they matter!


if you want to host Kali in the Cloud I can recommend the host Vultr!

You can prepay your account with PayPal and Bitcoin and fire up a Kali VM in 30 Minutes by “wgetting” the Kali minimal Iso to the hoster and booting via KVM and performing the Kali Installation Routine. 113 more words

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