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Raspberry Pi torrent box with AWS

This post is more or less a continuation of my previous blog post, Converting your Raspberry Pi into a light weight torrent box. If you follow this post you will be able to develop your own fully functional and easily extendable torrent box for your personal use. 2,467 more words

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Recover an EC2 instance after losing its key pair

Go to EC2 dashboard
Click EC2 instance (i-091f7b7ae1f66ef1a) > actions > instance state > stop

Go to the volume panel and select the volume which is associated with EC2 instance (i-091f7b7ae1f66ef1a) and detach the volume (vol-5dcbcaea) 189 more words

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How to add key pair and connect with Amazon ec2

First connect to ec2 instance with existing key pair on putty. Check the existing key file
# cd /home/ec2-user/.ssh
#ls -ll
#vim authorized_keys
#cat /home/ec2-user/.ssh/authorized_keys… 364 more words

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Stack Fallacy? What is it?

Back in January, Tech Crunch published an article on this subject called Stack Fallacy, written by Anshu Sharma of Storm Ventures. Then today I read this Business Insider… 579 more words

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Amazing Amazon

I remember back in 2003 when I had a meeting with the then CTO of Amazon for a couple of hours. He was narrating his vision of SOA (Service Oriented Architecture), where individual business or programming functions (called services) can be stacked up in libraries and get invoked as and when required. 423 more words

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Amazon の薄利主義が 20年目を迎える:売上は 15倍でも 利益は一定という、徹底した戦略を1枚のチャートで

Amazon’s Relentless Focus on Long-Term Growth

Felix Richter – Jan 29, 2016




If there is one thing that Amazon’s founder and CEO Jeff Bezos is famous for, it’s his relentless commitment on long-term growth. 174 more words


6 Things Amazon Can Teach us About How to Do Cloud Computing Correctly

Good introductory summary of why Amazon AWS is profitable:

  1. AWS adds new server capacity daily
  2. AWS uses redundancy to guard against down-time
  3. AWS builds its own custom servers…
  4. 35 more words
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