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Changing the unit type in cloudwatch doesn't do anything

At first I was sending my metric like this:

aws cloudwatch put-metric-data --metric-name testMetricName --namespace test --unit Bytes --value $(( val += RANDOM % 1001 - 500)) --dimensions Server=AAA,Region=BBB
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What impact does the size of SampleCount have on my metrics?

Reading this doc and its not clear to me what the impact of sampleCount is on my custom metrics I send as a statistical set. 130 more words


Usefulness of Publish the Value Zero for cloudwatch

According to this doc I should consider publishing value zero instead of no data because I “can set a CloudWatch alarm to notify you if your application fails to publish metrics every five minute”. 123 more words


Accessing and logging the amount of S3 POST/GETs by filename

I have several JSON files in an S3 bucket. I need to do a monthly count of the amount of put/gets each file receives in a month. 85 more words


What happens if I have 2 CloudWatch events that trigger the same lambda function at the same time?

I have 1 Lambda function which is configured to submit a given job to AWS Batch via a boto3 call. The lambda function gets triggered by a CloudWatch event, where the CloudWatch event passes the job information as a dictionary. 94 more words


AWS email "You are approaching your AWS Free Tier limit" but not

AWS sent this email:

Basically it says that i am using 1 cloudwatch alarm, and the forecasted is 31.
The fact is that currently i am not using any AWS services, in fact if i go to cloudwatch of each region this is the output: 57 more words