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AmazonFresh opens its grocery Pickup locations in Seattle

Amazon has officially begun operating its AmazonFresh Pickup locations in Seattle, letting customers order groceries ahead of time and then quickly grab them on their way home. 98 more words


Online Shopping Creating Overload Of Recyclables For San Francisco

SAN FRANCISCO (CBS SF) — The online shopping boom is creating mountains of cardboard and plastic piling up at Bay Area recycling centers and could lead to a higher recycling rates for San Francisco residents. 235 more words


A new series of stories for y'all

Shadow Flash

The dark haired lady with the shark tooth smile bristled with power.

Reaching inward before lashing out, her magick flies toward her target. 55 more words

Fascination gets a boffo review

I haven’t plugged Fascination in a while, but I wanted to share the latest review of it posted on Amazon. It’s by British writer, Mike Robbins… 257 more words


A nice surprise for me, a shameless plug for you.

Hey all,

We’ll get back to the micro-stories on Wednesday but just wanted to post a quick shameless plug for my hardboiled pulp novel, The Geek. 237 more words

Coming soon...

In the next couple of weeks, look for a new title from yours truly: In No Particular Order: A Memoir.

It’s actually a small collection of all the autobiographical pieces I’ve posted here at What The Hell over the past four years, but I started thinking as I gathered them up that memory works mysteriously, and the way we recall our lives is in no particular order. 230 more words


Fatto a Mano το νέο παγωτο-στέκι μας!

Το γνωρίσαμε στο Περιστέρι & στην Food Expo 2017 όπου και δοκιμάσαμε όλες (!!!) τις ιδιαίτερες γεύσεις του.. πειρατή! Ο λόγος για τo Fatto a Mano, τη gelateria  που έγινε το αγαπημένο μας παγωτο-στέκι! 47 more words

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The met in Peristeri & Food Expo 2017 where we tried all (!!!) the particular flavors of pirate ..! The reason For the Fatto a Mano, a gelateria that was our favorite ice cream-haunt! But what does Fatto a Mano & why is symbol pirate ?? logo1 In Italian Fatto a Mano means "hand", "made by hand" and the little pirate that characterizes tirelessly travels the length and breadth of flavor! As mentioned in fattoamano.com.gr , small pirate has a base enjoyment and looks fresh, the ultimate and authentic. Valuable weapons : truth, purity, knowledge, unconventionality, the orderliness, loyalty, quality, simplicity, respect. Map and Guide : boldness. Refuge : the inexhaustible inspiration and creation. Source: http://www.fattoamano.com.gr/ We will follow him faithfully to each new taste path! .. ECU ??? giphy1 More specifically, the Fatto a Mano is located in Peristeri (K. Varnali 21 Peristeri, tel. 210 57 77 407), and there one can taste truly handmade ice cream in different flavors !! How would you like to try ice cream with rakomelo flavor and honey-ricotta? This is not funny, there, and we loved from our first try! Why you should note that before you choose the flavor that we like, we can try oooles those present in the shop without guilt! ..😛 Tip! We try the ice cream in crispy handmade cone, which prepares the John Niktaris team at the lab Fatto a Mano. For those who watch your diet, your pirate offers ice cream without milk and egg, which admittedly is very enjoyable !!! 🙂 🙂 🙂 Besides the signature flavors (see. Rakomelo & ricotta-honey), the pirate Fatto a your mano serves dishes such as almond, chocolate, pistachio, vanilla, cream and various sorbet with seasonal fruits that are rich in flavor and with the actual color without some kind of aid. Extra tip! For even greater enjoyment, we propose to enrich your ice cream with syrup handmade Valrhona chocolate (bitter or praline) which flows abundantly from special fountains. Have fun my favorite! Natasha 🌼🌼🌼 Where to find: http://www.fattoamano.com.gr/contact_ K. Varnali 21, Peristeri, tel. 210 57 77 407